Best Cake Decorating Turntable

Best Cake Decorating Turntable Reviews and Buying Guide

For any person who loves baking, it is like an art. Why not create the art with every necessary tool that it needs? A cake turntable is among those essential tools you will need if you plan to decorate your baked goodies. All the colorful, professional artworks that you see on cakes are only possible with a table.

Decorating cakes requires quite a lot of effort. By using the best cake decorating turntable, things will be a lot easier for you while keeping your kitchen mess-free.

For the last few days, I dug really dip in cake decorating tools as well as turntables. I found these 10 to be the most effective and convenient ones among the customers.

Image Product Editor’s Rating & Price
Kootek 11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable Kootek 11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable

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Miecux Cake Decorating Turntable Miecux Cake Decorating Turntable

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Kootek Aluminum Alloy Revolving Cake Stand Kootek Aluminum Alloy Revolving Cake Stand

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35 PCs Cake Turntable and Leveler Rotating Cake Stand 35 PCs Cake Turntable and Leveler Rotating Cake Stand

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Ateco Revolving Cake Decorating Stand Aluminum Turntable and Base Ateco Revolving Cake Decorating Stand Aluminum Turntable and Base

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Benefits of Using Cake Decorating Turntable

Turntables are not a must for baking. But it is needed for decorating the cake after baking. It will be difficult for you to decorate without it. You might not get a perfectly designed cake the way you want without a turntable. Here are some advantages why you should get one.


For putting layers of frosting, a turntable is a must. You can apply the cream with an applier over the cake by slowly turning the table, enabling you to apply the frosting evenly in each layer of the cake.


Often we make customized cakes with different shapes. To cut the cake according to the shape, you can always use a turntable. This table will help to slice it perfectly to get the desired shape for the customized look.


A turntable works pretty well as a cake holder before placing it on the final plate. You can avoid staining more plates using such a tool.

Our 10 Best Cake Decorating Turntable Reviews

Cake decorating turntables are easily available in the market. So, it is very confusing to decide which one is better. Let us look at the reviews of them to help you out through the matter.

1. Kootek 11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable

Kootek 11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable

The first product we have, a basic white turntable for a soothing cake decorating experience. It is made of polypropylene, which is considered one of the safest plastics. FDA has approved polypropylene as a safe material for food contact.

You can use it for several years without any worry. This tool from Kootek comes with two stainless steel icing spatula and three durable icings smoother as a perfect package for your decorating artworks.

While rotating the table, you can apply the layer of frosting perfectly with a spatula. The smoothers are for designing and smoothing. Among the smoothers, one is for smoothing the plain surface, you can make zigzag design frosting using another smoother, and the other one can be used for dough cutting tasks.

It is so lightweight that rotating is just a slight push that makes your work easier. The plastic used here makes it durable, stable, and sturdy enough to hold the cake nicely for perfect shaping and decorating.

This rotating cake stand has an anti-slip base that makes the entire thing stable enough. The turntable also features ball bearings for smooth rotation. You can rotate the table 360 degrees for a convenient cake designing.

Highlighted Features

  • Food grade plastic ensures complete safety
  • Smooth ball bearing rotation
  • Stable and strong build-quality
  • Anti-slip flat surface prevents slipping of the cake
  • 360 degrees rotation for full coverage

2. Miecux Cake Decorating Turntable

Miecux Cake Decorating Turntable

Sometimes, a one-sided rotation of turntables is not enough for decorating a cake. Miecux has manufactured this turntable for cake decorating, which provides you easy rotation in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions so that you can decorate with full convenience.

The material used here is food-grade stainless steel that assures you about being safe to use. Moreover, the smoothers with the tool are made of food-grade plastic. Both materials are harmless to ensure you a healthy baking experience.

Cakes do not come out of the oven exactly in the same shape we desire. There you need cake levelers to level the cake into a flat surface for easy and beautiful decorations. To assure you regarding this, the deal also includes a leveler along with the turntable. No need to spend some bucks to get a separate leveler.

The tool comes with a cake leveler, two spatulae for icing the cakes, and three smoothers. A great deal in a single package, I must say! Every piece in this package has a super smooth surface with a beautiful finish.

You can easily clean it with soapy water. Besides, it is also dishwasher-friendly. The turntable has an anti-slip base to support the cake, ensuring better stability. Due to its compact and lightweight form factor, storing it won’t take much space from a drawer or shelf in your kitchen room.

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth finishing for perfect decoration
  • Rotates clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Stable enough to keep the cake in one place while rotating
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Easy cleaning for better maintenance

3. Kootek Aluminum Alloy Revolving Cake Stand

Kootek Aluminum Alloy Revolving Cake Stand

Aluminum alloy is an excellent material for any kitchen tool that is lightweight but super sturdy and durable. Let me introduce you to a beautiful aluminum alloy-made turntable to take your cake decoration to the next level.

It has amazing stability to hold the cake while decorating. Often we fear that cake can slide over while rotating. The whole body is made of aluminum and has rubber feet to prevent the table from moving. That being said, this can be the best cake turntable if your baked cakes are a bit heavy-weight.

You will get a spatula, a cake server, and three cake smoothers with the package. The cake server is for cutting and serving cake. With the smoother, you can create different patterns on the icing. It gives you access to all sides of the cake for perfect decoration.

Kootek offers you high quality through their cake decorating turntables. Due to its durable materials, you can rest assured for several years about its longevity
There is a ball-bearing mechanism under the flat surface of the cake spinning table. They create smooth turning of the tool. You can effortlessly clean the stain using a damp cloth and water; no hard scrubbing would be needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Ball bearings smooth rotation
  • Sturdy enough to hold up the cake nicely
  • Durable aluminum material
  • Rubber padding in the bottom prevents moving
  • Includes spatula, server, and smoother for complete decoration

4. 35 PCs Cake Turntable and Leveler Rotating Cake Stand

35 PCs Cake Turntable and Leveler Rotating Cake Stand

What if you found a set of baking tools that includes everything you need so that you do not have to buy them separately? Sounds unbelievable?

RFAQK comes with a turntable set of 35 pieces of tools. Without any argument, you can label it as the best cake decorating turntable. The set includes a table, two spatulas, a cake leveler, three cake scrappers, seven icing tips, twenty disposable bags, and an e-book as a guide.

This unit is made of food-grade plastic, which is easy to clean. The scratch-proof and anti-slip surface makes it convenient to use. There is a rubber padding in the bottom to prevent it from unnecessarily moving while rotating the upper surface.

All the pieces of the set are dishwasher-friendly. The Scrappers are made with non-toxic plastic, and the spatulas are made of food-grade stainless steel with a wooden handle. If you are a beginner at baking cakes, the e-book might help you go through the phase.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one cake decoration package
  • Easy cleaning with hand or dishwasher
  • Harmless food-grade material ensures safety
  • Flat surface over the stand prevents scratches
  • Non-slippery turntable for preventing unnecessary moving

5. Ateco Revolving Cake Decorating Stand Aluminum Turntable and Base

Ateco Revolving Cake Decorating Stand Aluminum Turntable and Base

Ateco Cake decorating turntable is a bit larger than regular ones that measure 12 inches in diameter. It is a perfect cake spinning table for your cake. The overall build quality is strong, sturdy, and also has a good grip. What else can you expect from a cake decorating table?

Aluminum is the core material here which is totally safe for your health. Often different metals are harmful to contact with food. Comparing those, aluminum is much better for you and your family’s well-being.

For smooth and obstacle-free rotation on both sides, it has ball bearings under the flat surface. The bearings reduce friction in the joint of the stand and the surface allowing you to turn the table smoothly.

You can clean it with a damp cloth easily. But it is better not to put this in a dishwasher for safety reasons.

Talking about the stability, it is stable enough to hold the cake you are going to place on it. The stand is also well-made and strong enough to hold the top surface.

Its surface got an anti-slip grip so that the cake does not slip at any side of the surface while rotating the turntable.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong and sturdy material
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Convenient to rotate with a slight push
  • Stability ensures full support
  • Hand washable

6. Willton Cake Decorating Supplies Set

Can you think of any cake decorating turntable which can bend at a slope? I can bet that you might not be familiar with such a piece. Here I present a cake turntable that has the wonderful feature of tilt and turn. It can bend in 18 different angles to give you the utmost convenience for decorating your cake.

Often you will see stainless steel-made ones are not dishwasher friendly. But you can clean this easily one in a dishwasher and also by hand. This professional cake stand is strong and sturdy enough to hold a heavy-weight cake while rotating around.

The Wilton cake decorating tool includes a cake turntable, four couplers, four stainless steel-made icing tips, twelve disposable bags for the frosting, and four icing bag ties. This whole set is freaking amazing and perfect for home and professional baking. It is like the best professional cake turntable for any baker.

Smooth rotation makes it convenient for turning clockwise and anti-clockwise. The stability is what you expect from a quality turntable for professional cake decoration. Because being stable enough to hold the cake in place while the surface is tilted is one of the biggest challenges for this tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Has the amazing feature of tilting in different angles
  • Bends in slope for all over decoration
  • Stable enough to hold the cake even while it is tilted
  • Easy rotation in every direction
  • Cleaning and maintaining are easy by hand or dishwasher

7. Ateco Cast Iron and Non-Slip Pad Cake Stand

Ateco brings you a cake decorating turntable that is made of cast iron. Surprised? Generally, we do not see around the cast iron-made ones. So, there might be a question in your mind about safety issues.

Cast iron is a non-toxic element; it does not leach chemicals in your food. Sometimes you can be uncomfortable using this, but soon you will get used to it, and you will love it for sure.

The material is extremely durable and super strong. You can use this for many years without much issues. It is better not to put this one wash in a dishwasher or submerge it in water. You can clean it easily with water by hand.

Over the rotating cake stand, there is a flat surface made of aluminum with anti-slip padding. This padding is for grip and support. You can easily remove the padding to clean it after the decoration process. After decorating, you can place the cake on any other surface from the padding.

Clean and smooth manual rotation enables you to put layers of frosting and decorate all over, accessing every corner of the cake conveniently. You will be happy to know that it rotates in both directions; clockwise and anti-clockwise. So, you can spin it however you like while decorating the cake perfectly.

Highlighted Features

  • Removable padding on the flat surface enables easy cleaning
  • Strong material ensures durability
  • Cast iron – the safest material available for cooking and baking
  • Smooth spinning

8. THETIS Homes Aluminum Alloy Revolving Cake Stand

This aluminum alloy revolving cake stand by THETIS Homes is a well-built piece made of sturdy food-grade material that can make your cake decorating experience much better.

The turntable is completely safe to clean in a dishwasher. Besides, you can clean it by hand too. Easy storing and maintaining is possible due to its compact size. You can keep it in any drawer or shelf in your kitchen.

To make cake decorating easier for you, the manufacturer included three pieces of cake smoother, and one angled spatula comes with this unit. Non-toxic plastic has been used in the smoothers. You can design different beautiful patterns with these scrappers.

Moreover, the spatula is made of food-grade stainless steel. It ensures you a clean and smooth finishing of cream frosting by evenly spreading the icing. The stainless steel does not rust, and you can use it for a long time without any damaging issues.

The anti-slip flat surface of the THETIS Homes cake turntable keeps your cake in one place while rotating the surface. It provides 360 degrees rotation in both directions to access every angle of the cake. If you want a professional cake decorating turntable, do not miss the chance of grabbing this piece right now.

Highlighted Features

• Provides full coverage in every corner of the cake
• Harmless materials are used for safety issues
• Durable for using a long time
• Easy storage
• Strong yet lightweight

9. Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable

Finding it difficult to work on a turntable because of its low height? You may definitely find it problematic because you need to bend your back down while working on the table for several hours. This may cause neck and back pain if continued for some days.

What if you find a cake decorating turntable that can help you out through this? Surprised? You definitely will be. Wilton is offering you a unit with an unbelievable feature of adjusting the height. You can have two different heights of the flat surface over the stand.

Another outstanding feature is the locking mechanism. You can lock it when you do not want it to spin and unlock it when spinning is necessary.
This rotating cake stand is made of food-grade plastic. It is lightweight yet strong enough to hold your cake nice and firm.

There is a ring over the flat surface for providing a good grip to the cake while rotating and decorating. The decorating tool has been designed so beautifully that you can also use it as a cake stand for serving.

Smooth rotation on both sides does not let you miss any spot in the cake while icing as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable height for a comfortable position
  • Turntables spin with a gentle touch or toss
  • Additional ring on the flat surface for better grip
  • Rotating locking system for unwanted spinning
  • Can be used as a cake holder while serving

10. ForeverSmooth Cake Turntable Stand

ForeverSmooth Cake Turntable Stand

Finally, if you face rotation issues while working on a cake decorating turntable, this one might help you get rid of the issue. It has a locking system to lock the tool’s rotation when you do not want it to rotate. Isn’t it a huge problem solver?

The locking system here is called the rotating brake. By pressing it, you can lock the flat surface in one place so that it cannot move with slight touching. You can even use it as a professional cake stand for serving the cake. Its anti-slip surface will prevent the cake from slipping and hold it with a firm grip.

You can rotate the tool in every direction, including clockwise and anti-clockwise. Cakes of Eden offers you this incredible ForeverSmooth cake turntable stand for experiencing the magic of baking. Do not delay to grab this wonderful product for your cake decoration.

Highlighted Feature

  • Locking mechanism prevents unnecessary rotation
  • Smooth flat surface holds up the cake firmly without slipping off
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Lock and unlock with just a button
  • Great stability

Things to Consider Before Buying Cake Decorating Turntable

If you notice some features of a turntable before buying, you will not go wrong at any point. Things to consider before buying a turntable are stated below.


Generally, we will see cake decorating tables made out of plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Among them, the plastic ones are easy to use while you can clean them by hand and in the dishwasher. They are very lightweight and convenient for smooth rotation.

On the other hand, the stainless steel and aluminum are a bit heavy comparing to the plastic ones. Sometimes they are not dishwasher friendly, and you need to clean them by hand only. But these are stronger and sturdier than plastic and can be used for a long time compared to other materials.


Durability is such a feature that you need to look at before buying any product, not just a turntable. A turntable is for cake decorating and shaping, which is not a usual task for everybody. So, you will definitely not be happy about buying a tool for short-term use.

Check the material and durability of a turntable before buying. What about the joint under the flat surface? Will the rotation be the same after some days? And will it break if used for several days? Keep these things in mind, and choose a piece for yourself wisely.

If a cake decorating tool is not strong enough, it can get damaged after several uses. Besides, you can face problems while using it. The sturdiness of a unit depends on the material. It will be strong if the material is of good quality, has nice finishing, and is solidly built.


Why do you need to care about stability while buying a cake decorating turntable? This question might peek into your mind. Stability is about the ability to hold something or endure.

When you are putting layers of frosting over a cake or putting some design with an icing tip, it is necessary that the surface is stable enough to hold the cake.

If the flat surface of the table is not stable, it might jiggle or be shaky that can ruin all the efforts you are putting into decorating the cake. So, stability is a must while choosing a turntable for yourself.


For putting the cake and decorating it, you need a plain surface on the top of the cake decorating turntable. But scratches over the plain surface can create difficulty while putting the cake to decorate and shifting it to another plate.

Often we find scratches on the flat surface after using a tool several times. This incident usually occurs with a table that is made of aluminum or sometimes stainless steel. Do check that if the flat surface of it can get scratches easily or not.

Smooth Rotation

The necessity of a turntable is all about rotation and turning. If the rotation is not good enough, the purpose of buying the tool will sure to be wasted. Most of the cake decorating tables ensure easy rotation to decorate the cake nicely. There are some that can be rotated both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Before buying, check if the tool has the ball bearings mechanism under the flat surface. Ball bearings enable the top surface of the turntable to rotate cleanly and smoothly. You can rotate a table with a gentle toss if there are ball bearings in it.

Support & Grip

The tool must have the ability to support a cake while you are decorating it. Imagine you are icing a beautiful cake, and suddenly it fell from the top surface of the turntable. The main reason behind this occurrence is that the turntable you have used is not providing your cake the complete support and have a very poor grip.

Such an incident is surely a nightmare for a baking lover. To say goodbye to this issue, bring yourself a supportive cake decorating tool that can hold your cake with a firm grip.


To hold a cake nicely while decorating, a cake turntable needs an entirely smooth surface that will not let your cake slip off the surface. The upper surface of a cake table must be smooth and anti-slip.

An anti-slip surface can hold your cake nicely and prevent it from sliding while rotating the table. Ensure a well-made and smooth surface while buying a cake decorating turntable.

Bottom Padding

As you need to rotate the cake turntable while decorating, it should just turn around but not move from its place. This is very important for a stand not to move while rotating. To prevent this from moving, they have rubber padding in the bottom with the stand.

Some brands do not offer rubber padding with the stand of the cake turntable. They might tell that the stand will not move even without the padding. But, you should have your priorities regarding this. In that case, you need to check out every detail before buying any cake decorating turntable.


Often we see different brands are selling some other cake decorating tools with a cake turntable. These decorating tools include spatula, cake leveler, smoother, slicer, server, icing pipes, disposable bags, and much more.

You can buy these tools separately and sometimes you do not need them much to decorate the cake. But it is better if you can get a cake turntable with some necessary decorating tools in the same package.

Different Types of Cake Icing Turntables

Most of the cake tools work in the same principle. Still, there are a few types of cake decorating turntables that are stated below.

In the Case of Rotation

A cake turntable works by rotating while decorating cakes. But the Rotation method of all units is not the same. There are two types of tables considering the rotation pattern;

One Way Rotation

Some turntables rotate in only one direction. You can turn them with just a toss of one hand and hold the spatula or icing pipe to decorate the cake.

These types of cake decorating tools can rotate in one way and get stuck if you try to turn in the opposite direction. You can only rotate either in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Two Way Rotation

These are the ultimate perfect cake decorating turntables for any baker. The ability to rotate both clock and counterclockwise provides you great convenience while decorating cakes.

You can rotate them with one hand while decorating, and if you feel the necessity to work on the opposite side, it does not get stuck.

In Case of Adjusting Height

There are two types of turntables in case of adjusting heights.

1. Adjustable

You can adjust the height in some tools. This is a lifesaving feature for some people. Those who have back and neck pain but need to work with a turntable of lower height can adjust the height according to their comfort and convenience.

2. Non-adjustable

These are the regular cake decorating tools that have a fixed height to work on. You cannot adjust the height according to your need.

Top 6 Cake Decorating Turntable Brands

There are many brands that manufacture different baking tools, including turntables. Some of the top brands are –

1. Kootek

This brand supplies almost every type of baking tool made of food-grade materials while ensuring quality and durability.

2. Miecux

This brand has a huge collection of kitchen and home appliances for you. Among them, cake turntables are remarkable. These tables are multi-functional, long-lasting, and keep decorating a lot user-friendly for home bakers.


Offering an all-time customer service, RFAQK has gained much popularity among home and professional bakers. Cake turntables from RFAQK are strong and sturdy yet lightweight enough, allowing you to use them easily.

4. Ateco

The brand is a name for reliable and high-quality baking tools and accessories. Their cake turntables aren’t an exception to this.

5. Wilton

This brand, Wilton, cares for its customers. The quality and convenience of the turntables will surely make you feel spending every money was worth it.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Cake Turntable

Cleaning and maintaining cake turntables depend mainly on the material. You need to take care of different materials. How well you maintain and take care of a cake turntable decides how long it will last.

Most of the cake tools are made of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. But, there are also some which are made of metal alloy and cast iron.

If you have a plastic-made cake decorating table, you can wash it by hand with soap water or put it in a dishwasher because most of the plastic turntables are dishwasher friendly.

In the case of aluminum, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, hand wash is preferable, but you can also use the dishwasher. Before cleaning, check properly if the product is dishwasher friendly or not.

Cast iron is very sensitive, and only hand wash is preferable. Avoid submerging the cake turntable in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can the cake be transferred from a cake turntable?

You can use a spatula to transfer the cake from a turntable. If you face difficulty, use two spatulae to make it an easy transfer to a different surface.

2. Are cake turntables must for icing cakes?

They are not a must but necessary. It will be very difficult and messy to put frosting over a cake without a rotating cake turntable.

3. Which material is best for cake turntables?

If you want something convenient to use, easy to clean and maintain, you can buy plastic turntables. For extra strength and sturdiness, go for the stainless steel or aluminum-made ones.

4. How can I put frosting on a cake using a turntable?

Put the cake on the flat surface of the turntable. Take frosting on a spatula and put a layer of it on the cake while rotating the table.

5. Can the lightweight turntables hold the cake perfectly?

You need to check before buying if the table is sturdy enough and strong to nicely hold any type of cake.

Final Words

The best cake decorating turntable is something that can make your cake decorating task easier, convenient, time-saving, less messy, and perfect. If you find all these with a single tool, go for it to get the most out of your investment.

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