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10 Best Cupcake Liners Reviews with Buying Guide

When it comes to decorating cupcakes and muffins, it’s pretty much all about using decorative accessories to show off your baking excellence. Cupcake liners aren’t any exception to that.

Although you can pretty much bake perfect cupcakes using a baking pan, if you are to make treats for occasions and parties, you must get the best cupcake liners to make the treats look attractive and appealing.

While searching for liners, I found tons of options available. Not all of them are safe to use, durable, and convenient for baking. After spending a few days, I was finally able to make a list of the top 10 cupcake liners.

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SAWNZC Silicon Baking Cups

Gifbera Gold Foil Cupcake Liners

Eoonfirst Gold Foil Metallic Cupcake Case Liners

Elcoho Mini Foil Metallic Cupcake Liners

Sumind 10 Colors Foil Cupcake Liners

Benefits of Using Cupcake Liners

It may seem that cupcake liners are not much essential as we can make cupcakes without them. But there is a word called “perfection,” which is much related to these liners. Let us look at the benefits we can get using cupcake liners.

Removing Stickiness

If you place the dough directly on the pan, there is a chance that the dough might stick to the pan at the time of removal. In case the pan is not greasy enough, your cupcakes might get stuck to the pan. A cupcake liner can save you from this situation as it prevents the dough from getting stuck on the pan.


Baking in the pan without liners can be time-consuming because you need to blush the pan with oil and clean it after baking. With cupcake lines, no extra cleaning is necessary, and that indeed saves your time.

Clean Pan Surface

If the cake sticks to the pan while baking, it gets messy, and cleaning becomes tough. By using cupcake liners, you can get a clean pan surface without any greasiness and sticky dough.

Maintaining Hygiene

Using cupcake liners promotes baking without any hand touching; this ensures proper hygiene, especially when you are baking for other people.

Our Top 10 Best Cupcake Liners Review of 2022

No matter what color you prefer to wrap your goodies or what shape of liners you prefer, from the list below, you will find the right one according to your baking needs.

1. SAWNZC Silicon Baking Cups

Nowadays, people are becoming more serious about zero waste programs. So, eco-friendly and reusable products are being loved by most of the people around us. If you are an environmentalist, then you might like these silicone liners from Sawnzc.

Silicon does not take part in any kind of chemical reaction, which makes it super safe as a kitchen tool for cooking and baking purposes. The food-grade silicone is non-corrosive and perfect for long time uses. You can wash them by hand or dishwasher easily and reuse for thousands of times.

These silicon muffin liners are sturdy enough to stand without any support. For their large sizes, muffins can also fit in these. They are oven and freezer-friendly. Moreover, you can also use them in an air fryer and cooker.

Uses of the cupcake liners are so versatile that you cannot even think of! They can be used as cupcakes and muffin liners, snacks holders, car cup holders, baking eggs, making keto bombs, shaping chocolate shells, and much more. These are the best cupcake liners for any baking lover, and you will fall in love with them.

The SAWNZC liners come with 12 pieces of cupcake liner in 6 different rainbow colors. They are non-sticky, but you can always spray cooking oil to avoid stickiness and easy removal. You can keep them anywhere in cabinets and drawers in the kitchen because it is a space saver and easy to store.

Highlighted Features

  • Holds cupcakes well
  • Non-toxic material ensures safety
  • Temperature friendly
  • Non-sticky surface
  • Environment-friendly material

2. Gifbera Standard Gold Foil Cupcake Liners

Presenting the gold-colored aluminum cupcake liners for making your dearest cupcakes more perfect. The royal bright gold color will not fade even after baking. So, you can serve the cupcakes as a lovable piece of tasty treat.

Gifbera has brought you some extremely beautiful pieces of cupcake liners that are wrinkle-free and disposable after use. Aluminum foil in the liners is unlikely to be harmful for kitchen uses. These are round, cupcake-friendly shaped, and scratch-proof aluminum liners.

You do not need to bear the stink of aluminum foils anymore. Because now you have the perfect cupcake liners, which are odor-free and smells fresh to keep your pieces just fine as always. The foils are greasy enough for easy removal of the cupcakes.

These cupcake liners are of perfect measurement that can easily fit your baking pans and trays and are suitable for easy storing. They are sturdy enough because of the thickness of the aluminum foil. Cupcakes do not stick to them, and you can easily separate them without ruining the shape of the liners.

You can bake cupcakes and brownies in the liners without burning the bottom part. Gifbera ensures you enough good quality of their cupcake liners. Making cupcakes are fun and easy if you find the joy of baking. Enjoy your baking experience with these fancy cupcake liners and make your day more special.

Highlighted Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-sticky surface ensures easy removal
  • Safe for your health
  • Long-lasting color
  • Oven friendly

3. Eoonfirst Gold Foil Metallic Cupcake Case Liners

Another environment-friendly sustainable cupcake liners pack on the list. Who says you have to use harmful materials for making fancy items such as baking muffins and cupcakes?

These are paper-made cupcake liners that are 100% disposable and eco-friendly. With a shelf life of up to 3 years, you can really count on these liners.

Any standard cupcake pan can hold these liners perfectly. Moreover, these are of standard size so that you can make cupcakes in them both for home and commercial purposes. Muffins are slightly large comparing to cupcakes. But you can use these as mini muffin pan liners without any issues.

A wonderful feature of these cupcake liners is, it is 100% leak-proof. If you spray cooking oil for easy removal of cupcakes, no oil will leak on the outer side. As a result, your pans will remain stain-free. After putting the dough, there will remain no air and excess water in it.

The Eoonfirst cupcake liners have two layers, the inside is white, and the outer side is metallic gold. Its outer part heats up fast than regular paper liners. You can easily separate the cakes without losing the shape. The liners hold the cupcakes quite nicely and do not fall apart.

Highlighted Features

  • Standard size enables to fit in any baking tray
  • Prevents stain
  • Double layer protection
  • Cupcake does not stick
  • Easy storage

4. Elcoho 600 Pieces Mini Foil Metallic Cupcake Liners

Want some mini cupcakes for late-night cravings? To make perfect small cupcakes, you can consider buying these liners from Elcoho.

These paper baking cups come in three gorgeous colors; gold, silver, and rose gold. The colors are vibrant and do not fade after baking. So, you can even use the liners for making cupcakes for parties and events.

Food grade papers have been used here, and they are entirely safe. The finishing of the inner side is very much suitable for removing the cakes easily without any stickiness. They are firm and lightweight for convenient use.

As these disposable cupcake liners are small, you can use them for baking mini-cakes, small eggs, one strawberry dip chocolate, marzipan fruits, sweets, and chocolate truffles.

Made out of food grade papers, these liners are safe for baking and other cooking needs. It is a matter of relief that cooking oil and excess water do not leak through them.

The Elcoho mini muffin pan liners are slightly thin because of their paper but still work fine for perfect baking. So, it is strong enough to hold the size of the cupcakes and muffins. These adorable little liners are durable enough.

As the paper liners are wrinkle-free, your treats will have an attractive look. The mini cupcake and muffin liners are perfect for any occasion. If you gift someone a few mini lovely cupcakes in these liners, without a doubt, the treats will make his/her day.

Highlighted Features

  • Support cakes quite nicely
  • Leakage-proof
  • Non-toxic material ensures safety for your health
  • Colors are long-lasting

5. Sumind 10 Colors Foil Cupcake Liners

Love baking? Get ready to have some beautiful multicolored cupcake and muffin liners for you. Sumind foil paper baking cups are here to make your days better with their charming and elegant designed cupcake and muffin decoration cases. You can get a set of 10 different colored liners from them.

These fancy cupcake holders can attract people of all ages because they are so eye-catchy, lovely, and decorative pieces. You can make your children cheer up with the fun colored cups. To spice up your motivation for baking and enjoy the experience, these are the perfect products.

A double-layered build makes the liners quite durable and strong. These are definitely not like other paper cups, which damage the shapes while separating cakes after baking. Though there is paper inside, the cases are less absorbent.

Grease-resistant liners ensure removing cakes and muffins easily without bottom stickiness. High-temperature resistance makes them remain the same as before, even after baking in the oven. The dough does not get overcooked for the balanced flow of heat.

These standard-sized liners are odor-free and remain fresh after baking. The colors do not bake-off but stay vibrant. They are thick enough, thus can be used in any standard baking pan. Enough sturdiness of these cases holds the dough perfectly and shapes the cupcakes well.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-stick Surface
  • Does not stink
  • Strong enough for supporting the cupcakes
  • Prevents stain
  • Double layer

6. SUBANG 400 Pieces Foil Cupcake Liners

The SUBANG cupcake liners are made with paper inside and metallic foil outside. Non-reactive thin metallic sheets are used to make metallic foil. These sheets heat faster than paper and have decorative shininess and glossiness as well.

Foils are almost harmless for humans if used for covering food only. So, the SUBANG liners are safe to use for baking cupcakes and muffins because they work almost like a food covering. These metallic foil cupcake liners are heat-resistant and can hold up at high temperatures in the oven while baking.

Now, the color of the outer layer does not bleed away due to high temperature. The paper of the inside layer is attached with a grease-resistant liner to provide enough greasiness while pulling out the cupcakes. No butter or cooking oil from the batter seeps through the cups, preventing the pan from being messy.

These baking cups are strong enough to make mac and cheese cups. They can hold the shape of muffins and do not wrinkle while pulling apart.

From 4 different colors – gold, rose gold, silver, and black, you will find the right one as per the baking needs. Good quality, smooth finish, and elegant colored look will make you fall in love with these pieces. Switch to these baking cases, and you will never have to deal with sticky cupcakes and muffins anymore.

Highlighted Features

  • Can hold perfect shape
  • Colors do not drain away
  • Easy separating of cupcakes
  • Temperature resistant
  • Lightweight and convenient to use

7. 600 Pieces Cupcake Baking Cases Muffin Cases Paper

Are you looking for multicolored fancy cupcake liners for gifting cupcakes to your loved ones? Nothing could be better than the cupcake baking cases by HitTopss. These liners are extremely beautiful because they have been designed differently in several styles with various color combinations.

The rainbow baking cups are made with 100% food-grade paper, which is entirely disposable. If you want some liners completely safe for your health, these are the ones that you can count on.

As there is no foil in the outer layer, these cups are thin. The paper is grease-proof, but sometimes you might feel difficulty separating the cakes as they may stick to the paper partially.

Stain resistance is another remarkable feature of the baking cases. So, the baking pan will not be messy with oil and dough stains. They are heat resistant and suitable for use in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

For standard-sized baking pans, the rainbow liners fit perfectly without any issue. Your children can take the first step of baking through these pretty baking cases.

These cupcake and muffin liners might not be the most durable and sturdy cases on the market. But they are definitely a good choice in your budget for regular, and party uses. The brilliant colors and patterns can draw your attention to cupcakes, truffles, or muffins.

Highlighted Features

  • Odor-free fresh cupcake liners
  • Disposable after use
  • Amazing decorative look
  • Standard sized baking cases
  • Harmless for your health and also for the environment

8. URATOT 100 Pieces Foil Metallic Cupcake Liners

While buying good cupcake liners, you must make sure the liners are safe, have a great-looking design, and durable enough to hold the treats well. All these characteristics are present in cupcake liners from Uratot.

Just place the cupcake cases into the baking pan, and put the right amount of dough in each. If you can, spray some cooking oil or brush some butter before putting dough. This will prevent stickiness and make the cupcake much easier to remove from the baking cups.

After baking in the oven, take them out and let them cool down before removing the cases. You will find beautifully shaped cupcakes without damaging the cases. In case you want to serve the cakes with cases, let them be. You can use these cupcake liners for making keto cakes, truffles and serving chocolates to your kids.

Inside and outside layers are different but not separate. The inner paper-made layer will not come out while separating the cakes. Its foil heats up quickly while baking.

To separate the cake perfectly, let it cool down first, and then try to separate the treats. It will make things smoother.

Beautiful rose gold-colored liners come in 100 pieces per packet. They are lovely and attractive. These round shaped cupcake liners are definitely the ultimate favorite for any baking lovers.

Highlighted Features

  • Double layer ensures stability to hold cakes nicely
  • Disposable and eco-friendly
  • Versatile usability
  • Wrinkle-proof
  • Heat resistance

9. Korty Tulip Baking Cups Tulip Cupcake Liners

My friend is getting married, and I and some friends are planning to arrange a program for her. We want to decorate a bit differently and do not want the regular cupcakes in the program. I suggested to my friends the Korty baking cups for the cupcakes we want to bake ourselves.

We know that muffins are slightly large than cupcakes. Often cupcake liners fail to hold muffins because of space shortage. But, Korty baking cups are larger than regular cupcake liners, where muffins can fit in perfectly.

These cupcake liners are not of regular liner size and add a different decorative look when used. They are tulip-shaped and have beautiful floral pattern prints on the cases.

The paper that is used here is layered one over another and made this tulip shape for a professional look on your cupcakes and muffins – interesting artisan pieces, I must say.

These tulip cupcake wrappers come in a 100-piece pack where half is white, and the other half is brown. They are made of disposable papers. Greaseproof paper has been used here, which is totally non-sticky and prevents the muffins from being stuck.

Odorless material keeps the cakes and muffins fresh and smells good. The wrappers are leak-proof. So, you do not have to make an effort to clean baking pans after every batch of cupcake baking.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used as both muffin and cupcake liners
  • Leakage-proof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy removal of the cupcakes
  • Beautiful decorative piece

10. July miracle 100 Pieces Cupcake Liners

Last but not least, another safe to use cupcake liners pack on the list. WolenTek cupcake liners are entirely made with paper, a natural material that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and disposable.

These rainbow-colored fancy cupcake holders ensure high quality and durability. Though these are made of paper, they are sturdy enough to hold up the cakes. Greaseproof paper is oil resistant and prevents seeping oil and excess water. Moreover, they help to remove the cupcakes easily without being stuck.

As the cupcake wrappers are made of paper, the wrappers are free from any kind of odor that destroys the quality of cupcakes. Avoid cooking in these wrappers because they can burn while cooking. But, you can use these for baking without any issues.

The WolenTek muffin wrappers are great for mini muffins in a rainbow case. Its shimmering rainbow color does not fade away after baking.

You will be amazed to know its versatile uses. The rainbow wrappers can be used in baking cupcakes, muffins, truffles, mini treats, small pie, and chocolate-coated dipped fruits. Moreover, you can also use the liners for serving chocolates and small sweets.

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature resistant
  • Long-lasting color
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • Non-toxic paper ensures safety
  • Leak-proof

Things to Consider before Buying Cupcake Liner

Cupcake Liners surely make your baking experiences better. Before choosing and buying them, you need to consider a few factors.


You don’t want to buy cupcake liners that don’t fit your baking pan. To avoid this from happening, get the right measurement of your baking pan before going to buy liners. Besides, check the measurement of the cupcake liners according to your cupcake size preference.


Most of the liners are grease-proof on the inner side to prevent the stickiness of the cake dough. But some brands might not provide you grease-proof cupcake liners. Keep yourself away from those if you do not want your cupcakes being stuck into the liner.

Easy Removal

Think of your newly baked cupcakes that have lost their lovely shapes while removing them from the cupcake liners. Feels like a nightmare!
Sometimes, it seems the biggest challenge is to remove cupcakes safely from liners without damaging their shape. Get yourself some liners that provide easy and smooth removal without any issue.


Cupcake liners need to be sturdy and strong enough so that they can stand without any support. They must be able to hold the cake dough till baking and transforming it into cupcakes. Without proper sturdiness, the liners won’t be able to hold the actual shape of the cupcakes perfectly. As a result, cupcakes can fall over the pan.

So, be sure to buy liners that are made of quality materials, and stay firm and sturdy after baking.

Fading Color

You will find different attractive colored cupcake liners in the market. Some are glossy and metallic, while others have a multicolored combination. They come in different designs too.

But there’s no point if the colors get fade after baking. If you are planning to buy designed cupcake liners, make sure the color does not fade away when you bring the treats out of the oven.

Heat Resistance

Cupcakes are usually baked in the oven. But sometimes, toaster, microwave and rice cooker can also be used. Whatever you use to bake cupcakes, they need high heat.

So, you must need cupcake liners that are heat resistant and do not burn out at a high temperature in the oven. Check if the liners are heat resistant or not before buying.


For preventing stickiness of the dough and easy removal of cupcakes, we often brush butter or spray cooking oil in the bottom of the cupcake liners.
For this reason, liners should be leak-proof, and oil should not seep through the liners. Because, without leak-proof liners, your baking pan might be messy and full of oil stains.

Damage Proof & Wrinkle Free

Most of the cupcake liners are made of paper or metallic foil, which can sometimes wrinkle while using. Imagine you are a professional baking expert and serving your customer a cupcake in a wrinkled liner. Seems like an unprofessional way, of course! Avoid liners that easily damage or get wrinkled.

Muffin Liners vs. Cupcake Liners

People mostly use cupcake liners as muffin wrappers. Muffins and cupcakes are somewhat the same, with slight differences in ingredients, taste, and size. Similarly, muffin liners and cupcake liners are almost the same, with a bit of difference.

Most of the time, cupcakes have beautifully designed frosting and whipped cream over them. The liner has to be wide open at the top. Besides, eating the cupcakes is more convenient with these types of liners.

On the other hand, muffins do not have any frosting on top. They are directly made from the mixed dough without whipped cream on top. So, liners with a wide opening on top are not necessary for muffins.

The size of a standard cupcake is smaller than muffins. Talking about the measurement, this size difference is only in length, not width or anything else. So, cupcake liners are smaller in length usually, and muffin liners are taller.

Most of the liners and wrappers we can find around us are perfect for baking cupcakes. Among different liners in the market, the tulip wrappers are best for baking muffins because of their size and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are cupcake liners mandatory to make cupcakes?

You can definitely make cupcakes without liners. These are just here to make your work easy and hassle-free with their convenient way of dealing with cakes.

2. Can I make cupcake liners at home?

Yes, you can make them using parchment paper. Just cut the paper and shape them according to your preference.

3. Is it necessary to grease the baking pan?

No. If you use cupcake liners, there is no need to grease the baking pan as the liners mostly have a non-stick surface.

4. Which type of cupcake liners are better?

If you want to reuse cupcake liners, use the silicon ones, which you can wash and clean. Otherwise, go for the paper or foil ones that are disposable.

5. How can I prevent cupcakes from being stuck in the bottom?

Spray a little amount of cooking oil or brush some butter to prevent stickiness at the bottom part.

6. Can the paper cupcake liners hold the cupcakes?

Double layer and thick liners will be sturdy enough to hold the cupcakes.

Final Words

Not using a cupcake liner won’t make much difference in taste and flavor. However, you must use it to make sure mess-free and stain-free baking pan, hassle-free baking process, decorative look, and nice presentation of cupcakes.

The best cupcake liners can definitely make you feel that baking is an art that you can perform with a mind full of pleasure.

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