Best Oil for Cooking Steak

7 Best Oil for Cooking Steak Reviews and Buying Guide

In the art of cooking steaks, oil is a vital ingredient, which maintains moisture and flavor. Otherwise stated, we very carefully drench our food item in oil, and we do not care if our forearms are covered in burn marks from the rain of hot spit that splatters every time we flip a steak. We like the oil.

If anything, from our powers of deduction, we believe, only the high-quality best oil for steak brings forth far-reaching value in your cooking. I genuinely believe there’s a vein here that needs to be mined.

In other words, you cannot just go to the departmental store next door and buy the first gallon of oil you come across. Most importantly, it seems like the contempt of additive-incorporated oil that releases a bunch of unwanted smoke in the environment is mutual.

Therefore, our sorted data on the seven best options available comes as a savior to humankind. As it happens, the selected products offer all the health benefits, with the focus on arousing such a degree of pleasure in your taste buds that work in every individual’s favor.

Image Product Editor’s Rating & Price
Pompeian 100% Grape-seed Oil Pompeian 100% Grape-seed Oil

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BetterBody Foods Refined Non-GMO Cooking Avocado Oil BetterBody Foods Refined Non-GMO Cooking Avocado Oil

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TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

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La Tourangelle, Roasted Walnut Oil La Tourangelle, Roasted Walnut Oil

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TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil

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Benefits of Using Oil for Cooking Steak

The appropriate choice in cooking oil will determine three essential factors: flavor, smoking point, and the simplicity of cooking a steak. You cannot solely manage to make a steak without greasing it to the point, generating enough energy to create the sear marks you are looking for.

Let’s jump right into the benefits of using oil for steaks. You might already have a comprehensive idea, but we should revise the services before jumping to the main segment to be on the safe side.


Oiling the steak ensures the seasoning you applied will remain in place when you put the meat down. Therefore, you will retain the delicious essence of the oil over the incorporated spices and flavor.

Smoke Point

The reference point implies that the temperature required for the oil to generate smoke. Moreover, if your oil has high heat cooking temperature, then you can fry, grill, and sear steaks with ease.


We wouldn’t want our steak to stick to the surface of the skillet and ruin perfectly shaped red meat. It is highly crucial to avoid such instances by putting enough oil for a smooth and textured cooking outcome.

Our Top 7 Best Oil for Cooking Steak Reviews

The inclusion of this segment is solely to cater to you and help you progress through the tedious process of oil selection.

Here, we present our top picks that are either the most popular among the users or the best for you regarding cooking.

1. Pompeian 100% Grape-seed Oil

A brand that has been crafting the art of making perfect oil composition for over a century comes with an all-natural grape-seed oil with countless benefits. As soon as the oil-filled steak hits the grates, the satisfying sizzling sound is enough to soothe our love for grilled red meat.

Besides, the high anti-oxidant properties in the grape-seed oil lie in the vitamin E element. Most importantly, we have a particular liking towards the poly-saturated fatty acids, primarily omega-6, 7, and 3, associated with improved heart functionality.

On the other hand, the 68-ounce container is enough for making flavorful steaks for a small gathering. We used this oil on cast-iron pans, which turned out to be the perfect kitchenware, as grape-seed oil is ideal for high-heat cooking.

This lightweight oil works best for salad dressing and with baked food. Even more so, the smoking point of this kind of oil is roughly 420℉, which makes it perfect for frying endeavors. Our sautéed vegetables, along with the steak, came out with a deliciously subtle flavor from the oil.

Subsequently, if you are worried about inflammation or diabetes, the French product is 100% free of gluten. Aside from anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, the non-GMO grape-seed oil also avoids hypoallergenic elements in the composition.

Highlighted Features

  • Can cook steak at high temperatures
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • The oil consists of fatty acids like Omega-7
  • Vitamin-E provides anti-oxidants properties in the body
  • Gluten-free constituents improve heart conditions

2. BetterBody Foods Refined Non-GMO Cooking Avocado Oil

Talk about multi-purpose cooking oil, and here we have it for you. The online health food shop caters to your steak cooking needs through its organic avocado oil. Those who are vegan here feel free to celebrate since this brand mainly focuses on vegetarian needs.

However, most of us here are steak enthusiasts as well. That means you will require oil composition, which supports high-temperature cooking. As for this option, the smoking point is at 500℉. Consequently, this attribute also makes the oil ideal for deep frying, sautéing vegetables, and searing.

We believe this is the best oil for searing steak, as it can generate enough heat. More significantly, avocado oil is rich in anti-oxidant lutein and oleic acid. The delicate flavor engulfs the palate and ensures a subtle avocado touch to your well-cooked steak.

The dietary fat, known as monounsaturated fat, is present in the 33.8-ounce bottle and only 10g. The makers make sure the oil is not genetically modified, so you can rest easy and not worry about the well-being of your kidney and liver.

On another note, the brand’s strict compliance with no gluten inclusion is beneficial for those with heart conditions. If you are looking for weight-loss strategies, this additive-free oil is perfect for diets. Predominantly, this skin-improving oil is a fan favorite.

Highlighted Features

  • Only 10g of monounsaturated fat is present in the oil
  • Gluten-free composition provides overall health benefits
  • Full of rich elements like oleic acid
  • A high heat smoking point of 500℉
  • Non-GMO product does not possess harm

3. TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil (Tuber Borchii)

Our excitement about this premium-quality oil has gone through the roof. In fact, the infusion of flavorsome olive oil with the chef’s secret ingredient of white truffles results in a savory steak with a slight tang of pepper to it. And speaking of extravagant oil, we wasted absolutely no time in finding it for you.

Bear in mind; the elixir-like 3.38-ounces bottle comprises extra-virgin olive oil. In addition to that, you will acquire the profound essence of garlic, making it optimal for salads and seasoning. On top of this, the gluten-free features make it worthwhile for every individual with gluten intolerance.

Even more vital are the polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and phenols present in the oil constituents. These benefits come directly from extraction by cold pressing. This process retains the inherent taste and aroma of the truffle oil, unlike heat pressing oils, resulting in a delicious steak.

As it turns out, cold-pressed oil aids in lowering cholesterol levels and provides high nutritional value, which makes it ideal for dietary regulations of vegans and koshers.

moreover, cold pressing keeps hold of the natural oxidants that heat pressing may not. The oil also allows high heat cooking at 400℉.

If you are eagerly searching for a healthy way to cook steak, we would suggest you consider this option. As opposed to GMO vegetable oils, the white truffle oil is 100% organic. For those with a nut allergy, rest assured, the composition steers clear of nuts. The makers ensure additive-free luxury oil.

Highlighted Features

  • Cold-pressed oil rich in nutrients
  • Oil has not undergone any genetical modification
  • No addition of nuts or chemicals
  • A mixture of extra-virgin olive oil and white truffle’s compound
  • High-quality seasoning with a burst of flavors

4. La Tourangelle, Roasted Walnut Oil

As the previously mentioned product catered to the needs of those with a nut allergy, we deliver you another exclusive luxury oil filled with rich flavors of walnut. Come to think of it; we wouldn’t have any idea before being acquainted with this option that the nutty aroma along with steak is almost aphrodisiac.

The more-than-a-century-old label is famous for making 100% all-natural artisan oil. Furthermore, the 16.9-ounces vintage packaging is quite pleasing to the eyes, although you will have a hard time figuring the amount of oil remaining, as the container is not transparent.

You can effortlessly sauté vegetables, whisk scrambled eggs, or use the oil for baking purposes since it is compatible with medium to high cooking heat. Why is this the best oil for grilling steak? In our opinion, despite being hot-pressed, the outburst of flavor is quite prominent with this option.

Subsequently, this all-purpose oil is suitable for both vegans and koshers. We are all particularly fond of non-genetically modified oil, which this product satisfies fully. Most importantly, the superior quality oil contains an abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6.

On the other hand, it also encompasses monounsaturated fatty acids, which are excellent in lowering LDL. Additionally, the no-gluten approach further adds to the reduction of high cholesterol. This brand takes the responsibility of lessening the carbon footprint by incorporating a sustainable strategy.

Highlighted Features

  • Recyclable container is a step towards sustainability
  • Flavorsome and aromatic nut-extracted oil
  • Heat-pressed oil with no genetically modification
  • Suitable for medium and high heat cooking
  • Filled with far-reaching nutrient value

5. TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil Set Double Concentrate Real Truffle Pieces

Whenever we hear truffle incorporated blended with olive oil, our mind immediately responds to the gourmet-quality product. The brand is well-known among customers for its award-winning truffle condiments, which says a lot more than anything else.

Unlike all the other options in this list, the non-GMO product includes two 8.45-ounces of transparent bottles containing white truffle oil, whereas the other is black truffle oil. Both nut-free flavors are particularly savory when used while searing steak with a very great delight to the taste buds.

And from our deductions, black truffle oil offers a shaper earthy, musty, and flavorsome taste compared to white truffle oil. Perhaps it is wise not to drench your steak thoroughly with the black version; a minimal amount is enough to provide the flavors you are looking for.

On the other hand, white truffle oil is famous for its peppery and garlic-filled aroma, which we personally like for salad dressing. We also want to add that the black truffle oil is a little bit sulfurous in taste. Moreover, the cold-pressed processing retains promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The vegan and kosher-friendly option is also a high-temperature cooking oil for a grill, as it provides a cooking temperature of 400℉. Gluten is toxic for those with chronic heart conditions and high cholesterol problems. Therefore, the manufacturers make this product gluten-free.

Highlighted Features

  • Black truffle oil has a stronger earthy taste
  • White truffle oil provides a garlicky and peppery aroma
  • Offers a high heat cooking temperature of 400℉
  • No gluten feature generates a healthy lifestyle
  • Non-GMO and nut-free composition

6. Organic Cast Iron Oil & Cast Iron Conditioner

It would help if you all had a certain extent of ideas regarding cast iron. They tend to be sticky, but a cast-iron skillet can work its magic through a steak if seasoned well. As it happens, this naturally grown flaxseed oil is exclusively made for cast-iron kitchenware, as it extends the durability.

Perhaps the most astonishing attribute of this option is its high intensity of polyunsaturated fatty acid, omega-3. Moreover, the smoking point of the flaxseed oil is around 225℉. No doubt, this is the best oil for steak grilling on a cast-iron pan.

Besides, this type of oil is particularly beneficial for indigestion problems because of the presence of fiber. Among other positive impacts, this product significantly promotes heart health. In particular, flaxseed oil is a drying oil, which hardens after being exposed to room temperature.

Unlike most mundane oil, which goes rancid through a reaction of fat molecules break down, this product explicitly does not exhibit the same outcome. In fact, the phenolic compounds integrated within the oil can reduce the chances of cancer.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about steaks sticking to your cast-iron skillet’s surface. The dark glass bottle of 4-ounces comes with food-safe oil that has no adverse effect on your body. Reinstating your cast-iron pots and pans to their original state is an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy task for the flaxseed oil.

Highlighted Features

  • Made for cast-iron cookware
  • Exhibits a smoking point of 225℉
  • An abundance of omega-3 fatty acids is present
  • Smooth and non-stick drying oil
  • Nutrient-rich edible flaxseed oil

7. California Olive Ranch Global Blend Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a food ingredient that has versatile usage all across the world. This particular label emphasizes combining both tradition and innovation into the oil. Thus, we are here with the best non-GMO olive oil available for cooking at an affordable price.

If you want a product for everyday cooking style, olive oil is a highly suitable option due to its 374℉ smoking point. Apart from searing the steak at low temperatures, this oil works exceptionally well for sautéing veggies and roasting red meat. You can safely store the bottle in a cold dark place for convenience.

The unrefined oil in question refrains from bleaching or deodorizing in the extraction process. As a result, the aromatic flavor floods the mouth since it resembles olives’ bitter and herbaceous taste. You can drench your salad on this 25.4 fluid ounce of olive oil to benefit your body.

As a matter of fact, the high concentration of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties makes the product exemplary for protein-rich steaks. Perhaps, this phenomenon is the reason why olive oil is both paleo and keto-friendly.

Those of you who are vegetarian and koshers can heave a sigh of relief, as the oil is plant-based. Essentially, we are all up cold-pressed extraction because of the countless benefits associated with it. Without heat or chemicals induced in the composition, this olive oil garners all the positive attributes.

Highlighted Features

  • Smoking point is around 370℉
  • Gives off a fresh aroma of olives on steak
  • Rich in nutrients and health benefits
  • Suitable for dietary plans and regulations
  • Plant-based, organic, non-GMO olive oil

Quick Comparison Table Best Oil for Steak

NameSmoking PointGluten-freeNon-GMO
Grape-seed Oil420℉YesYes
Avocado Oil500℉YesYes
White Truffle Oil400℉YesYes
Walnut OilMedium to highYesYes
Black & White Truffle Oil400℉YesYes
Flaxseed Oil225℉NoNo
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil374℉YesYes

Thing to Consider Before Buying Oil for Steak

Before you make the purchase, you must have a clear view of the oils at stake here. therwise, you will only make the wrong decision regarding cooking steak. Hence, we have a comprehensive buying guide that provides you an in-depth insight into the features to look for the best oil.


As you already know, all the mentioned product above has distinct health benefits associated with the composition. For instance, options like walnut oil and white truffle oil are packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly omega-3 and omega-6.

These components significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases by controlling LDL, known as the bad cholesterol in your body. Apart from that, the monounsaturated fatty acids also help in cholesterol maintenance and assists in weight reduction, making them paragon for keto and paleo diets.

Combined with the protein, iron, and vitamin-B12 of steaks, high-quality oil can also alleviate many health problems. For example, the grape-seed oil consists of vitamin E, which integrates anti-oxidant properties for the body’s betterment.

Extraction Method

There’s a reason why most people prefer cold-pressed oil to hot-pressed options. The reason being, the cold-pressed extraction process does not exceed the temperature after 50℃.

On the other hand, hot pressed oil crosses the threshold of 130℃, which may hamper the inherent flavor and nutrients of the oil. There are exceptional health benefits of cold-pressed oil, such as promoting heart health and lowering cholesterol levels.

Flavor & Taste

How to enhance the taste of steak? The answer is simple; just find a flavor that is suitable to your palate. Some people prefer the bitter, fruity aroma of olive oil, while others like it the walnut flavor on the red meat.

We did introduce a product for those allergic to nuts; it’s crucial to avoid choking on your own food.


Most people might not give a second thought to this criterion; however, we strongly recommend inspecting the container before purchasing. Honestly, that’s how you ensure securing the best oil for steak.

It turns out; dark glass bottles are ideal for storing oil, which inhibits oxygen and light from making the oil rancid. Consequently, a plastic container can give rise to foul-smelling rancid oil through the diffusion of oxygen.

Smoking Point

There are drawbacks and benefits to both high and low smoking points. It’s up to you to determine your choice. High heat oil for steak, like the avocado oil with 500℉, elicits a response of superior sear marks. However, high temperature generates a significant amount of smoke in the cooking area.

On the contrary, you can prepare grilled steak with a low smoking point, but braising or searing is out of the option.

How to Cook Steak Without Smoke?

Are you planning on cooking steak outdoors? It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby. Make the barbecue super-hot, fling the steak on the surface, and sear till it has the marks. However, try this exact act inside; undoubtedly, you will almost suffocate your entire family through the smoke.

Indeed, lowering the heat can do the trick, but you would end up with a sad piece of steak void of all flavors. Now here’s the good news, we have a technique that allows us to release as little smoke as possible. Let’s go over it, shall we?

  1. Set your oven at 225 degrees.
  2. Cook the steak until shy of medium-rare. The time frame depends upon the steak size.
  3. The color may look repulsive after you get the steak out of the oven. But there’s more; the next step is to prepare a skillet, preferably cast-iron.
  4. Heat the skillet at a high temperature.
  5. Drop one tablespoon of oil. And with the onset of smoke, quickly place the steak on the skillet.
  6. Instead of letting it sear, turn the steak over in 30 seconds intervals. Please do it for approximately 2 minutes.
  7. You can add butter for more prominent browning. This process is called reverse searing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When should I put the oil on the steak?

Ans: Well, of course, you will put the oil on the skillet. But it’s important to rub the oil on the steak to ensure flavorsome results.

Q2: Why is cast iron better for steak?

Ans: The temperature conductivity of cast iron is exceptional; the heat concentrates on the grates and distributes equally throughout the framework, making it ideal for searing steaks.

Q3: Is olive oil good for searing steak?

Ans: You can obviously sear a steak with olive oil. However, the outcome may not be as good as it should be. This phenomenon is the low smoking point of olive oil, which makes high heat searing challenging to do.

Q4: What oil is best for high heat?

Ans: We particularly like avocado oil for high heat searing or braising. However, you can use walnut or grape-seed oil too.

Q5: Why is vegetable oil bad?

Ans: There are tons of unsaturated fat in vegetable oils, which can trigger inflammation and cause long-term heart damage.

Final Words

Motive means opportunity, and if your motive is to get the maximum benefit out of the steak, you are preparing. This article is your opportunity to find the best oil for steak.

erhaps our favorite pick may help you make a better purchase, but in the end, it’s your decision.

We have a fascination with avocado oil solely because of its high smoking point. The superior sear marks in unlike anything you had before in steaks; you can try the avocado oil out, if not permanently settle on it.

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