Best Pedialyte Flavors

Top 20 Best Pedialyte Flavors Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Doctors these days recommend drinking Pedialyte drinks instead of sports drinks due to the fact that this drink contains much more electrolytes and less sugar. Like sport or energy drinks, Pedialyte’s come in different flavors and tastes to meet every individual’s taste bud and preference.

While looking for these drinks, I came across lots of flavors. Trying each and every one of them to find the right one for your taste seems quite an overwhelming task. Well, I have already gone through this and came up with the top 7 flavors that you can try.

Whether you are buying the drink for adults and kids, the list includes products for all ages and people.

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Kiwi Berry Mist  Pedialyte 

Strawberry Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

Berry Frost Pedialyte 

Electrolyte Drink

Orange Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

Grape- Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

Benefits of Using Pedialyte Flavor

In case of dehydration, which one is preferable? Pedialyte or other sports drink? Time to find out.

Rehydration with Electrolytes

Undoubtedly Pedialyte. As it’s a renowned brand, recommended by doctors and pharmacists which contains potassium, magnesium, dextrose, zinc, and other crucial elements that help you to rehydrate instantly.

More Electrolytes than Just Sugar

Water only helps to replace fluids in our body, but replacing electrolytes also becomes essential when you get dehydrated.

Moreover, Pedialyte contains an optimal amount of electrolytes and sugar, where most of the soda water and beverages contain a lot of sugar and fewer electrolytes.


This vital nutrient plays another vital role in nutrition, and we can’t store it in our body. At the time of diarrhea or any kind of stomach bug, you can’t eat well and thus lose more nutrients.

So, zinc increases the intestinal absorption of water and electrolytes, maintains the immune system, and reduces diarrhea or vomiting.

Aids Muscle Cramps

Electrolyte therapy is a popular Cure for muscle cramps, and so Pedialyte effectively works for it.

Lots of Flavors

Even you can see various kinds of flavors are available, from where you can choose according to your taste as well as the unflavored one.

Our Recommended Best Pedialyte Flavors Reviews

Among plenty of Pedialyte drinks, I have picked the seven best-tasting flavors you may try as per your preference and taste bud.

1. Kiwi Berry Mist- Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drin

Compared with other electrolyte drinks, Pedialyte AdvanceCare Plus contains extra 33% electrolytes, which adds to your calorie.

Not only kids but also adults can take this drink in case of mild to moderate dehydration. If you feel weak because of heat, attending sports or other physical activities, and so on, you should try it.

Other beverages and soft drinks contain much sugar but less sodium, that’s why this Pedialyte is preferred by those who don’t like too much sugary drinks.

Kiwi berry flavor is a must-try item that is named after kiwi fruit. You can enjoy both tart and salty flavors with a bit of sweetness trying this drink. Though the prominent flavor is kiwi, you may notice that hints of strawberry also seep through.

As this kiwi berry-flavored solution works for mild to medium rehydration, it contains olive green color. It becomes more intense when you take it directly, so you can use ice while taking it; otherwise, it’ll increase electrolytes instantly.

The fruity and smooth flavor also contains the benefits of probiotics which helps to get rid of digestive complications as well as patients with antibiotics or stomach bugs. Taking these drinks will make a quick recovery of any kind of dehydration.

Using these drinks under medical supervision is preferable as they contain milk ingredients. For that reason, people with galactosemia should not take this.

Highlighted Features

  • Provide 33% extra electrolytes
  • Works for mild to moderate dehydration
  • Contains active prebiotics
  • Develop stomach bugs
  • Smooth and fresh flavor
  • Helps patients on antibiotics

2. Strawberry Lemonade- Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

As storing and carrying liquid rehydrates is difficult sometimes, strawberry lemonade powdered Pedialyte comes up with a strong fruity taste.

Storing the powder drink is not a big deal as you can easily take it in your aid box to travel anywhere. Carrying becomes so easy, and you can drink it by mixing some cold water whenever you feel dehydrated.

This medical-grade rehydration hydrates both kids and adults with a sufficient amount of electrolytes and sugar. Dissolving in the water without remaining any chalky residue is another good side of this formula.

If you like the strong aroma of the strawberry lemonade flavor, this one is surely for you. It especially works better in the time of traveling, as lemonade flavor helps people get rid of journey sickness.

In addition to it, this flavor contains a pinch of saltiness that is quite pleasant, particularly after vomiting or during a hangover. Thus it helps the patients to overcome the metallic taste mostly after vomiting.

The thick consistency of this drink satisfies both adults and children with the light and sweet flavor.

Though the liquid and the powders work the same, the powder is of low cost. So this can be a cost-efficient rehydration drink for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Rehydrates and replenishes with electrolytes
  • Easy carrying and storing
  • Prevents journey sickness
  • Strong fruity aroma
  • Dissolves in water completely

3. Berry Frost- Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink

Do you like berry frost flavor? If so, you will find this one to be the best tasting Pedialyte flavor on this list. Especially people who like this flavor can’t settle for anything else.

Though this blue-colored liquid contains a faint salty flavor, the flavor is fantastic and appealing enough like all the other electrolyte drinks.

This best flavor of Pedialyte can help you with 33% more electrolytes than other sports drinks available on the market. The ideal quantity of sugar and electrolytes rehydrate your body in case of mild to moderate dehydration.

As the berry frost flavor doesn’t contain any citrus juice, it perfectly works for all kinds of digestive difficulties. Patients having antibiotics and other digestive problems can surely take this hydration drink, which will ensure them to get well early.

This number one pharmacist recommended Pedialyte drink has a certain amount of sodium, one of the essential electrolytes. Moreover, it supplies zinc and other most needed electrolytes for hydrating the body.

Drink this one for rehydration instead of the other sports drinks because those drinks contain much sugar along with a low amount of sodium.

Whether you are in the home or away, drink this Pedialyte drink to rehydrate the body within a few moments.

Highlighted Features

  • Ready to drink bottle
  • Citrus juice free and cure digestive problems
  • Contains pre-active probiotic
  • Provide a good amount of electrolyte
  • The tasty and smooth berry flavor

4. Orange- Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

After a tireless physical activity, when you feel dehydrated, this rehydration powder may help you by rapidly restore the lost electrolytes in your body. Ideal for both young and adults, this can be your family rehydration formula for different physical conditions.

Drink a glass of this medically recommended orange flavor Pedialyte after prolonged exercise or lots of sweating to balance electrolytes in your body. The proactive formula of it helps patients with antibiotic or digestive problems.

This orange flavor especially helps to reduce the impact of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. In addition, it can ensure you get rid of a hangover or occasional morning sickness.

Stop taking other sports drinks or Gatorade, electrolyte tablets, and so on to rehydrate yourself. Those rehydrating things contain much sugar in the intestines, which helps to pull out the water of the blood flow. Thus various stomach diseases arise because of taking the extra sugar.

If I talk about the prices, it’s less than the liquid version but works the same. So keep hydrated with this amazing rehydration drink and put it in your emergency first aid box at the time of traveling or riding.

Easy storing comes with this product as this powder of orange flavor is more compact than bottles. Therefore, you can carry it everywhere you need, and also you don’t need to put it in the refrigerator always.

So take a sip of it before bed or after waking up, and feel good as new!

Highlighted Features

  • Light and amusing orange flavor
  • Contains less sugar
  • Fast rehydration
  • Reduce journey sickness
  • Cost-effective

5. Grape- Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

If you are not satisfied with commercial sports electrolytes, then this Pidilyte drink is for you, which ensures the electrolyte and sugar balance in your body.

A balanced level of sugar makes it more lucrative if you don’t like sugar that much. Besides, the grape flavor is one of the most popular flavors among sports drinks as it gives a pleasant and refreshing feeling.

This grape-flavored drink works very well by increasing electrolytes level as it’s a mixture of an adequate quantity of sugar and electrolytes. It ensures well rehydration after a heavy workout or sports or at the time of travel.

When you mix this low-calorie powder with an adequate amount of water, it dissolves smoothly without leaving any residue. You can use normal water with the powder, but cold water is preferable; the coldness will impress the kids and adults.

The grape flavor is also available in the form of liquids, but you can easily carry the powder anywhere when you travel or ride. Even storing becomes as easy as you don’t need to keep it in the freeze all the time.

This medically approved Pedialyte comes with extra electrolytes and pre-active probiotics, which cure the patients with antibiotics and digestive problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Light and refreshing flavor
  • Low-calorie drink
  • Contains balanced sugar
  • Economical than the bottles
  • Aids digestion

6. Strawberry Freeze and Berry Frost- Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Powder

If you are a sweet lover, then this drink is for you. The strawberry freeze and berry frost are standard flavors that anyone may like; this is why the variation of taste makes them attractive to kids as well as adults. So, take a sip of this Pedialyte at night and wake up like a new energetic person.

Besides morning sickness, it also works for a hangover after heat exhaustion, and so on.
Try this as a medication for stomach complications, and thus it will help you fast providing the proper amount of electrolytes and sugar in your body.

Conventional beverages contain a high amount of sweet which worsens stomach bugs. Even those drinks contain quite a low amount of sodium and other electrolytes, which is a must to rehydrate.

This electrolyte drink helps the stomach bugs as well as patients with diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, and other problems related to digestion.

Containing fewer calories, this quality flavored powder drink can rehydrate mild to medium dehydration problems by supplying the proper amount of electrolytes.

So always keep a packet of Pedialyte powder in your bag and drink whenever you feel low.
As this variety flavored powder set is a box with individual packets, it’s convenient to take while traveling.

Highlighted Features

  • Varieties of flavors
  • Best for kids
  • Rehydrates rapidly
  • Contains extra electrolytes
  • Easy storing

7. Edialyte Electrolyte Powder Variety Electrolyte Hydration Drink

If you are facing a tough time with the kids to make them drink Pedialyte drink, you may try this flavor. This flavor of Pedialyte may help you much when your kids are not willing to take it as it’s the best Pedialyte flavor for babies.

Interestingly, this variety of tastes comes with grapes, cherry, lemonade, and strawberry flavors, which may easily attract the kids and appeal to them. So always rehydrate and make your kids refreshed throughout the day with this electrolyte drink.

Pour the powder in an adequate amount of water, and then drink it whenever you feel dehydrated. This Pedialyte can help you with mild to medium rehydration after a long run or ride.

If you travel somewhere, keep some packets with you to always stay hydrated, as carrying the powders is preferable to the bottles.

These doctor-approved Pedialyte drinks are good solutions for heat exhaustion, fatigue, vomiting, or any kind of digestion-related problems. Moreover, take it after strenuous physical activity, cycling, riding, and so on.

A balanced amount of sugar and electrolytes ensures fast replacing of electrolytes in our body and rehydration.

Thousands of sports drinks and beverages are on the market, but most of them are not much effective as their sugar level is very high. Besides, low sodium level makes it a lower grade drink as you need more electrolytes like sodium or zinc after dehydration.

Highlighted Features

  • Difference in flavor
  • Economical than the bottles
  • Provides more electrolyte with low sugar
  • Certified by pharmacists
  • Easy carrying and storing

8. Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink

This 1 liter chilled cherry pomegranate should be on your list of must-try options for those who like sour beverages over sugary ones. In terms of taste, the pomegranate is considerably more substantial than the cherry; yet, the two complement one another rather well.

This drink doesn’t get very sour on your mouth, thanks to the added sweet cherry. But the sweetness can overpower a little, to be honest.

ehydration might cause you to lose more electrolytes than usual, so this Pedialyte drink includes 33% more electrolytes per serving than other drinks.

The PreActiv Prebiotics inclusion in the Pedialyte to restore the balance between good and harmful bacteria in the digestive tract is entirely satisfactory. If you think this drink has too much going on, think again. It has a pleasant, calming taste that’s rather refreshing to sip if you have a preference for it.

Also, it’s safe to say you will find plenty of pharmacists and doctors who highly recommend this product. Naturally, we trust the physicians! And to further boost your immune system, this anti-Gatorade includes zinc. However, please beware of the red dye; it’s pretty harmful to kids.

But we need you to promise something; you must drink this Pedialyte straight out of the refrigerator. There is no other alternative! Bear in mind; you will regret tasting this Pedialyte at room temperature. However, some may prefer it since the sourness grows more pronounced as it warms up.

Highlighted Features

  • An increase in 33% more electrolytes to promote rehydration
  • It features PreActiv Prebiotics for good digestion
  • A fun mix of flavors that is suitable for all ages
  • Zinc-incorporated drink strengthens the immune system
  • Unlike common drinks, this prevents most average dehydration bouts

9. Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Cherry

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Cherry

As someone who dislikes typically cherry flavors, I found this a pleasant surprise. Of course, it’s not excessively sugary, and that, honestly, saves the drink. Since the product is powder, there were no lumps, and it blended rapidly to replenish electrolytes.

Regular beverages come with more adverse effects than favorable ones. Given this circumstance, aiming to avoid mild and moderate dehydration, opting for Pedialyte is the best decision, in my opinion.

If you prefer, you may dump the powder into a container of 16-ounce cold water and stir it up. Besides, as it’s a medical-grade drink, you don’t have to worry about the composition.

However, bear in mind; it’s not gluten-free. Individuals with colitis may as well keep away from the electrolyte drink. Osmosis occurs when sugar and salt levels in the intestines are just right, allowing water to be drawn into the circulation.

We exhibit a calorie count of only 50 per serving for those health-conscious beings. Also, the 12g carbohydrate content is negligible. In the same way, there is no fat in the beverage. The health nut in you must be jumping up and down right now.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s easy to pack and take with you while you’re on the go
  • Rehydration made simple for both children and adults alike!
  • A more potent remedy than a typical sports drink
  • Zero fat Pedialyte drink offers all the health benefits
  • The perfect blend of sugar and sodium to rehydrate the body

10. Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution Unflavored

Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution Unflavored

Does your palate prefer vanilla ice cream and steer clear of any flavors? If so, you may want to check out this unflavored alternative! The manufacturer means precisely what they say when they state that this drink is flavorless. In fact, it’s so bland it’s almost indistinguishable from drinking water.

Indeed, the consistency differs from water, but that’s about it. This Pedialyte, in my opinion, is the best hangover remedy. When you’ve had too much to drink, flavorful alternatives tend to make you feel sick to your stomach.

We highly recommend checking the packaging for mold and gunk before opening it. Most importantly, avoid drinks with a peculiar plasticky flavor and a yellowish cast. More than anything, the 1-liter bottle abstains from featuring any chemical additives to artificially sweeten the drink.

Along with the electrolytes, you will find the zinc-infused bottle also improves your immune system. Most pediatricians recommend this Pedialyte for quick rehydration through electrolyte replacements. When combining Pedialyte with another beverage, this flavor is the best option.

On top of that, to quench your thirst in the event of an upset stomach, you may use this option in lieu of water. As a last note, this may be an excellent option if you have a fussy youngster that finds something wrong with every flavor you try!

Highlighted Features

  • There are no added flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Electrolytes and zinc for rehydration and immunological support
  • This unflavored option particularly goes with other beverages
  • One liter bottle is enough to replenish the fluid back to your body
  • A very handy drink for an upset stomach that prevents further puking

11. Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink Orange Breeze

 Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink Orange Breeze

Is orange juice your morning beverage of choice? If so, you may want to think again about it. While vitamin C-rich orange juice is good for you, it also contains a lot of extra sugar than you cannot imagine. Honestly, its sugar concentration is comparable to soda and chocolate milk.

A soda can is hardly anything to be proud of, so why not try something less sugary like orange breeze Pedialyte as your first drink of the day? The sugar content of this 12-ounce bottle is a mere six grams. Simply because of such figures, making the transition becomes a necessity.

Compared to other sports beverages on the market, Pedialyte’s finest taste can provide you with 33% more electrolytes. In low and medium dehydration cases, this correct blend of sugar and electrolytes rehydrates your system.

They say this option is the best for kids because it has a lot of sodium, an essential electrolyte. Plus, zinc and other electrolytes essential for hydration are also among the constituents of this Pedialyte. I’m not a massive fan of orange taste, so I mixed it with water during Covid to get an extra dose of Vitamin C and Zinc.

For rehydration, use this drink instead of other sports beverages, high in sugar and low sodium content. Individuals on antibiotics or suffering from gastrointestinal infections benefit from prebiotics, which aids digestion.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra electrolytes help the body with hydration
  • Its fat content is extremely low compared to regular beverages
  • Zinc promotes the immune system to be healthy
  • The probiotics aids in digestion
  • Flavorful with a taste of fresh oranges

12. Pedialyte Sport Electrolyte Drink Fruit Punch

Pedialyte Sport Electrolyte Drink Fruit Punch

An extra dose of electrolytes never hurts when you’re putting it all on the line and going big! To begin with, it’s understandable that the five electrolytes in this drink — potassium, magnesium, phosphate, sodium, and chloride — are essential for the body.

Let me tell you why this option is better than a Gatorade. If anything, this beverage includes just five grams of sugar, whereas a Gatorade of the same amount has 21 grams of sugar, making this beverage healthier. The bad news is that this looks and feels like a sports drink, but it tastes like a mud pit.

I had the misfortune of throwing up during a hangover right after this drink. But your kids, undoubtedly, will enjoy this extra-sweet flavor. Additionally, if you compare this drink to a Gatorade, you will get three times more electrolytes to replenish your system.

Subsequently, to help athletes get back in the game as fast as possible, this solution intends to restore lost fluids swiftly. Bid goodbye to the extreme muscle cramps! During strenuous physical exertion, dehydration and exhaustion may quickly set in.

There is nothing worse than being out of breath and fatigued when time is of the essence. Hence, a sportsperson needs to get this fruit punch drink and fill their body with essential fluids and components. However, if you suffer from acid reflux, you may want to avoid this drink.

Highlighted Features

  • This product contains five essential electrolytes for quick rehydration
  • Three times as much electrolytes as a regular sports drink
  • Highly recommended for athletes
  • It exhibits only five grams of sugar
  • Muscle support of the highest grade

13. Pedialyte Sport Electrolyte Drink Lime

Pedialyte Sport Electrolyte Drink Lime

In addition to the previously stated fruit punch flavor, Pedialyte Sport’s Lemon Lime flavor is quite a delicious treat. This beverage will first taste sweet on the palate. However, a sharper, less pleasant sour aftertaste will come shortly after.

Even though this sour sports drink isn’t the most enjoyable of experiences, it’s good enough to consume when you feel dehydrated. The manufacturer boasts that professional athletes have Pedialyte for decades to stay hydrated.

Like the last choice, this one has potassium, magnesium, phosphate, sodium, and chloride as the five crucial electrolytes. Get rid of your muscular spasms for good! At the same time, the concentration of electrolytes is three times more than your average soft drink can.

Most sports drinks have 58g of sugar per liter, but this Pedialyte has only 14g of sugar in each liter. Consequently, you will get a whopping 1380mg of sodium per serving, which will aid you in dire dehydration situations. Remember, an average sports drink exhibits approximately 480g of sodium per liter.

And to swiftly restore lost fluids and electrolytes, this drink’s superior hydration has been specifically formulated. This delicious fruit taste is from both natural and artificial ingredients, and it will help you satisfy your thirst and replenish your body.

Highlighted Features

  • A high amount of sodium that ensures hydration
  • Very low content of sugar
  • This drink is for athletes to reduce muscle cramps
  • Increased concentration of electrolytes than ordinary sports drinks
  • It features five types of electrolytes to replenish the body

14. Pedialyte Advanced Care Electrolyte Solution Cherry Punch

 Pedialyte Advanced Care Electrolyte Solution Cherry Punch

When it comes to Pedialyte flavor infused with cherries, this one is the finest by a long shot. Without a doubt, you can taste the cherry flavor in every sip. It’s a world apart from other cherry-flavored choices that fail miserably.

Moreover, this option includes apples and oranges to enhance the cherry taste and appeal. There is just enough sweetness from the apples and just enough sourness from the oranges to keep things interesting. Would you ever wonder cherry, apples, and oranges will make the holy trinity of punch?

This Pedialyte is nothing but a surprise to us. Above all, this drink is a rare flavor that tastes excellently chilled and at room temperature. Additionally, to promote your body’s immunity against infections, this Pedialyte’s single-serving offers 2.8mg of zinc and 11mcg of the antioxidant selenium.

More significantly, a healthy bacterial balance entails good gut wellness. Therefore, the creators focused on adding PreActiv Prebiotics, maintaining proper digestion.

Rehydrating yourself and your loved ones with Pedialyte is a simple and effective way to combat dehydration brought on by a wide range of common ailments. Predominantly, you can keep a couple of these drinks in your vehicle and always have a delicious beverage at hand while you’re on the go.

Highlighted Features

  • The best cherry-flavored pedialyte drink among all options
  • It features a combination of zinc and selenium to ward off infections
  • Packed with electrolytes to rehydrate the body
  • It maintains a good bacterial equilibrium in the digestive tract
  • Perfect drink right after a work-out session

15. Pedialyte Electrolyte Water with Zero Sugar

Pedialyte Advanced Care Electrolyte Solution Cherry Punch

That’s why; this drink features 50% more electrolytes than regular choices from this brand. The fact that this flavor tastes so wonderful is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider. At first, you will find the aroma of cherries and berries in this drink.

This fruit punch flavor is by far the most incredible sugar-free choice this company has to offer. In particular, this beverage is free of any artificial flavorings or colors. More than anything, instead of focusing on the taste, this option stresses more on the electrolytes.

Afterward, an acidic, lemony finish with just the proper tanginess completes the flavor profile. This electrolyte water is a must-have supplement if you’re on a low-carb diet. Further on electrolytes, makers take into account the three most essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, and chloride.

In all honestly, this drink is an adult-favorite alternative because it refrains from being sickeningly sweet. Also, not to mention, the electrolyte reinforced with zinc offers a great deal of support to the immune system. And the non-GMO components of this drink ensure you gain all nutritional benefits.

Most of all, by eliminating gluten, it’s possible to improve gut health, lower chronic inflammatory symptoms, increase energy levels, and accelerate weight reduction. There are no keto-related restrictions on how much of this beverage you may consume since it contains no sugar.

Highlighted Features

  • An ideal option for individuals on low-carb diets
  • It features three important electrolytes to fight against dehydration
  • The perfect flavor for adults and hangover cures
  • There are no chemical additives that may harm the body
  • 50% more electrolytes to restore fluid quickly

16. Pedialyte Advanced Care Electrolyte Solution Tropical Fruit

 Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolyte Solution Tropical Fruit

The question of the day is, what tropical fruits make this Pedialyte so enticing to drink? Disclaimer: no fruits are on the label, so it isn’t clear what fruits are there. If anything, the only hint regarding the flavor is a little image on the packaging, which shows what looks to be a mango, strawberry, and pineapple.

So you’ll have to determine what went into this specific drink. Regardless of that, this drink tastes like you’re sunbathing on a beach! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, we can guarantee you this drink will not give you a burst of sugar. Nonetheless, it’s a tasty method for toddlers and adults to gain their electrolytes back quickly.

Unlike regular sports drinks like Gatorade, this is a much healthier option for combating dehydration. You will get the ideal combination of glucose and electrolytes in it.

It contains zinc and selenium, both of which aid in the production of new immune cells and the protection of cells. This electrolyte replacement will not only assist in restoring fluids but will also keep your child’s digestive system in optimum condition.

You should be aware that dehydration, in reality, is a significant issue! For children under the age of five, dehydration is a primary cause of emergency room visits in the US. Therefore, you must keep a flavorful Pedialyte drink close by.

Highlighted Features

  • It features zinc and selenium for an immune boost
  • Quick rehydration through electrolyte-filled drink
  • Physicians recommend it for both adults and children
  • A refreshing drink that keeps the digestive tract intact
  • It’s more potent than regular sports drink

17. Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolyte Solution Blue Raspberry

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolyte Solution Blue Raspberry

Among the flavors on the list, this blue raspberry taste has the potential to be worth your money. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with its taste. The overpowering aftertaste from the sweetness is the sole reason why this option fails to rise higher in the ranking.

Finding respite while your child is sick might seem like an overwhelming hurdle. For that reason, simply give your child plenty of water, but don’t give them any carbs or sweets.

In particular, rehydrating electrolytes lost during vomiting and diarrhea are replenished by an electrolyte solution rich in sodium and glucose, zinc, and selenium. It’s a simple step for children to get their fluids up, nutrients back and get rid of that terrible sickness!

Parents’ important notice is to avoid giving their child Gatorade in such dire situations. While they may initially feel better, their dehydration will worsen as the sugar wears off, leaving them more vulnerable to exhaustion. Also, there’s good news waiting for you all for the adults here.

Is this a potential hangover cure? Despite its apparent efficacy, speaking from firsthand experience, do not consider this Pedialyte as a magical remedy. Digestion problems are seemingly common, but they can get quite annoying if occurred frequently. Therefore, the prebiotics present in the drink helps with digestion.

Highlighted Features

  • A sweet and savory taste for all age
  • It helps get rid of hangover quite efficiently
  • An optimal balance of glucose and sodium for hydration
  • Easy electrolyte uptake for instant energy
  • The digestive tract is free of any issues

18. Pedialyte Organic Electrolyte Solution, Crisp Lemon Berry

Pedialyte Organic Electrolyte Solution, Crisp Lemon Berry

This company sells this remarkable organic flavor. On the first try, you might not like it, but you never know — it may end up becoming your favorite. Perhaps, you’d anticipate this taste to be sour based on its name. Although it’s a bit tart at the finish, it’s delightful when you gulp into it!

This electrolyte solution is so strange because it doesn’t even contain any berry flavor. We’re left to wonder whether the sweetness comes from somewhere else. Surprise, surprise, the secret sweet taste comes from organic apple juice.

You know the ingredients are good when the product is USDA-approved. It’s safe to say you won’t find any artificial additives to enhance the taste. We all know synthetic chemicals significantly contribute to increased dehydration chances. After all, we drink Pedialyte for electrolytes and rehydration.

On the other hand, with 17g fat and 10g protein on each bottle, this is a keto-friendly approach to satisfy your appetite. Maintaining a diet on those regular sports drinks is a big no-no; only this option fills you up with fluids that don’t add to your fat. A win-win situation, I must add.

At the same time, this zinc-filled solution will also provide you with medical-grade hydration, which is proven to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Also, you will get double the electrolytes than any conventional options on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • USDA approved organic formula to hydrate the body
  • Two times more electrolytes than general sports drinks
  • The fat content is significantly lower for those on a diet
  • Zinc ensures a healthy immune system
  • The perfect mix of sweet and sour

19. Pedialyte with Immune Support Peach Mango

Pedialyte with Immune Support Peach Mango

This peach immune support Pedialyte is my favorite since it conceals the salty taste that is generally associated with these beverages that help you stay hydrated when ill.

There’s an excellent peach-mango taste to the peach flavor. It’s a great combination. And honestly, it’s a far-fetched comparison, but the flavor seemed reminiscent of a tropical island. Of course, when used as it is, Pedialyte is effective for low to severe dehydration.

Therefore, it is a common remedy for digestive system ailments. Furthermore, zinc, selenium, and magnesium are all found in the Pedialyte, which aids in the growth and development of new immune cells. Because of this, it is a fantastic choice for those who are ill or recuperating from a medical condition.

It speeds up recovery by providing the body with an intense concentration of 33% more electrolytes than usual sports drinks. In fact, this taste is the only one that Pedialyte’s peach mango fans would accept as their only choice. However, many are less than enthusiastic about its flavor.

Nevertheless, everything comes down to individual preference in the end. Also, sodium, a vital electrolyte, is one of the main ingredients in this number one pharmacist-recommended Pedialyte beverage.

For rehydration, drink this one instead of the other sports drinks since they are high in sugar and have a low salt concentration.

Highlighted Features

  • 33% more electrolytes for quenching your body’s need for essential fluid
  • A very tasty and tropical flavor
  • Most doctors highly recommend it
  • Suitable for adults and kids suffering from illness
  • Zinc, selenium, and magnesium for immune support

20. Kinderlyte Advanced Natural Hydration

Kinderlyte Advanced Natural Hydration

The only product in the list that’s not Pedialyte — let’s check it out. Kinderlyte’s all-natural, dye-free, and sugar-free ingredients make it a favorite of many. There are three flavors of advanced oral hydration that you can choose from, and thus far, the wild berry is a personal fave.

You don’t have to give up effectiveness for taste either! Compared to the original recipe, this new and better version is 33 percent more electrolyte dense. This electrolyte solution contains Premax prebiotics, which assists in maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Kinderlyte has 80% less sugar-laden than the most popular sports drinks. In this way, you can quickly hydrate yourself without any repercussions. It took doctors, dieticians, and researchers to help the manufacturers develop a new product that had more electrolytes, zinc, and potassium.

Besides that, zinc significantly boosts your immune system, so you’re good to go. With the help of doctors, Kinderlyte is both tasty and effective. It quickly hydrates people of any age, and it’s appetizing, as well.

If you’re suffering from dehydration for any cause, including stomach bugs, extreme fatigue, hangovers, and more, this product may help! It’s fast-acting and easy to use!

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for people on diets due to low concentration of sugar
  • The formula is for people of all age
  • Electrolyte density is 33% more than average options
  • There are no artificial additives
  • Zinc and potassium helps fight dehydration and sickness

Things to Consider Before Buying Pedialyte Flavor

Before winding up, you should look at some of the considerations while buying a Pedialyte for you or your kids.

Electrolyte Quantity

The main feature of the Pedialyte drinks is the number of electrolytes they contain. Unlike other sports drinks and beverages, Pedialyte provides 33% extra electrolyte, which rehydrates fast with an adequate amount of sugar.

Sodium-glucose transportation is another key factor by which one sodium ion travels through the digestive system, and thus one sugar molecule is absorbed by it into the blood flow.

When you have a balanced sugar and electrolytes in your body, this mechanism works well, and so the bloodstream attracts water molecules by osmosis and rehydrates our body.

Sodium, zinc, chloride, and so on are present in the Pedialyte, which will help you balance electrolytes.

So, consider the better Pedialyte flavor that contains more electrolytes than others and has a good balance of sugar and electrolytes in your body. If you do more physical activities or suffer from diarrhea, you would need a drink with more electrolytes to hydrate.


The taste of any food or drink varies from person to person. So it’s your personal choice to consider the fever you choose. As there are a lot of flavors available on the market, select according to your taste.

At the time of traveling, you can choose lemonade, orange, or strawberry lemonade flavors.
Kids may love the various flavors of orange, grape, apple, and so on, as well as the adults.

Though in case of digestive problems, Electrolytes help a lot, berry frost works best as it’s citrus juice-free.

Even if you don’t like to take any flavored drinks, you can have an unflavored Pedialyte solution.

Predictive Prebiotic

Only the liquids contain preactive prebiotics, which helps patients taking antibiotics or having stomach bugs. So it’s wise to select the one containing prebiotics that will help you in the long run.

Other sports drinks and soft drinks don’t provide any kind of preactive prebiotics, so don’t forget to check it before buying any electrolytes or sports drinks.

Powder or Liquid

If you like to take the readymade bottle as you can easily drink it whenever you want, then the liquids are for you. Though storing and carrying it is a little bit difficult, but you can enjoy a handy drink whenever you like.

On the other side, powders are easy to store and carry even at the time of travel. The flavors are the same in the case of both the liquids and the powders. You just have to do a little job of mixing the powder with an adequate amount of water.

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How to Make Pedialyte Taste Better

Some people like the given flavors but others are not satisfied and want to make it taste better. So, read on the tips to make it a better drink.

Make a Shake

Pour the Pedialyte drink in a cup and add citric acid, natural and artificial flavors to it. Then place the liquid on a milkshake maker, and mix it. Finally, add some water to it. If you want to store it, then put it on the freeze.

Add Sweetener

Sometimes adding sweeteners to the Pedialyte drink makes it taste better without the risk of more sugar. Especially if you like sweets, it will give you a pretty good taste for the extra sweetener.

Add Fruit Juice

You can also mix Pedialyte with any fruit juice and several ice cubes that will add flavor to the juice and rehydrate yourself.

Use Milk

Instead of water, pour some milk into a cup and then add some Pedialyte to it. Thus you can enjoy this shake.

Pedialyte vs Gatorade

Are you feeling a little bit tired? Nauseous? You must know about the two popular folk remedies for a hangover cure. Have a quick look at the two medications.

Gatorade is mainly a sports drink that fights for dehydration better than normal water. This drink contains extra sodium and potassium, which are the electrolytes that we need the most at the time of dehydration. Electrolytes make our kidneys pee less.

The drawback of Gatorade is that it’s a sports drink; so, it also has sugar, carbohydrates, and extra calories to increase strength.

Pedialyte mainly works for rehydrating kids as well as adults after heat exhaustion, digestive problems, and the hangover that dehydrates our body.

Though Pedialyte works in the same process as Gatorade, they still have some major differences. Pedialyte contains much more sodium and potassium than Gatorade, as well as less sugar. It contains low calories providing a greater amount of electrolytes.

  • A 32oz of Gatorade contains 440mg sodium|| 140 mg potassium|| 200 calories|| 56mg carbohydrates
  • A 33.8oz of Pedialyte contains 1012mg sodium|| 768 mg potassium|| 100 calories|| 248mg carbohydrates

So, now you can easily consider the right one to rehydrate yourself and your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to find Pedialyte?

Search for Pedialyte at the baby shops or pharmacies near you. Also, you get to order the drink from e-commerce sites.

2. Can Pedialyte stop diarrhea and vomiting?

Pedialyte can’t stop diarrhea, but it prevents dehydration due to diarrhea by balancing electrolytes and sugar in your body.

3. Can diabetes patients take Pedialyte?

As Pedialyte helps by providing vital minerals and fewer calories, it’s not bad for diabetes patients. But if they take insulin, it’s better to consult a doctor. Do also check the sugar amount if you are to give the drink to a diabetic patient.

4. What if I drink too much Pedialyte?

Too much Pedialyte may cause dizziness, high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, restlessness, and so on.

5. What are the main electrolytes of Pedialyte?

Sodium chloride and citrate, potassium citrate, chloride, and essential trace minerals are the main electrolytes of Pedialyte.

Final Words

So, rehydrate yourself along with the kids with these medical-grade electrolyte drinks. Enjoy the healthy drink by choosing the best Pedialyte flavor according to your taste and choice.

After intensive exercise, while traveling, and suffering from illnesses that have to do with dehydration, you will find this drink extremely beneficial and effective in restoring the electrolytes in your body.

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