The Best Plywood for Kitchen Cabinets in 2022 | Top 6 Picks

A passionate cook or not, you need to design your kitchen in a way so you can spend a blissful time while making food. Otherwise, you will never be able to create the perfect recipe no matter how strictly you follow the cookbook!

And in a kitchen, the cabinets are the show-stealer. When your cabinets are made with poor-quality materials, you will be the talk of the town, but in a bad way!

Well, don’t worry; we’ve got your back! After hours of research, we’ve fished out the best plywood for kitchen cabinets. These plywoods come with incredible durability, top-notch finish, are easy to use, and are super affordable.

So, without wasting much, let’s get to know these woods right away!

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Woodpecker 3 mm Baltic Birch Plywood

Head Wood Grain Contact Paper

Anderson Plywood Baltic Birch Plywood

Woodpeckers 6 mm Baltic Birch Plywood

Karida 2mm Basswood Plywood

Benefits of Using Plywood for Kitchen Cabinets

In case you didn’t know, plywood is not exactly real wood. It can be made from wood, but it is typically produced by pressing wood grains and other grains to create a thick sheet-like structure. That is how it is used for so many different purposes.

Let’s take a look at the benefits it offered to us.

Easy to Use

The most commonly used type of material for kitchen cabinets is plywood. It’s easy to cut, sand, paint, and stain. It is one of the main reasons it’s such a popular choice.

Amazingly Affordable

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you really only have like 2-3 options. You can go for marble, which is crazy expensive, and unless you’re a millionaire or billionaire, you do not want to go that route.

Or you can opt for real wood. But that is still pretty expensive, and it takes a little longer to set up and install, which is why we also don’t exactly recommend wood either.

On the other hand, you have plywood. Plywood sheets come ready to use. They can be easily installed in your kitchen cabinets. And they have so many advantages.

Offers Higher Longevity

Plywood is typically waterproof, and it can be very durable. Standard plywood furniture can last up to a decade and, if properly cared for, even longer.

You Have Plenty of Options

You have so many different options to choose from when you select plywood. That is why we say this is the perfect material for building kitchen cabinets.

Our Top 6 Best Plywood for Kitchen Cabinets Reviews

Scouring through the internet, we have selected plywood for kitchen cabinets, 6 of them actually. Choose which one you like from our reviews.

1. Woodpecker 3 mm Baltic Birch Plywood

First off, we have this Baltic birch plywood by Woodpecker.

Woodpecker 3 mm Baltic Birch Plywood

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for laser, CNC, wood burning, and cutting
  • It comes in a light uniform color that looks good
  • Highly durable and rigid for high longevity
  • Made with 3mm thickness for convenience

Woodpecker is known for its woodworking and plywood products. They produce the world’s finest plywood’s sold everywhere across the globe. Their hand-finished wood parts are of superior quality, and they do it with absolute accuracy.

They source the materials from the most high-quality components and use them for the plywood. You can rest assured that any of their products would be beyond impressive.

This Baltic birch plywood is one of the best in the market. It is manufactured by using the newest methods in the production of wood. On top of that, it is durable and resistant to creep.

We think this one is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets because it is not too thick or thin for the job. Aside from that, it is very rigid and tough, so you don’t have to worry about smacking your cabinet doors and breaking them.

It’ll last pretty long. Since it is a Baltic birch, you can expect the best quality from this plywood.

2. Head Wood Grain Contact Paper

Next, we have a wood grain contact paper by the brand Heroad.

 Head Wood Grain Contact Paper

Highlighted Features

  • Made of faux vinyl or PVC materials for durability
  • It is self-adhesive and can attach to any hardwood
  • Available in various colors and patterns
  • Has waterproof feature to make your cabinets low maintenance

Heroad is a renowned brand specializing in making wood grain boards and wallpapers. They are extremely good at what they do and are loved and preferred by thousands of customers out there. You might say they have quite the reputation for being the best at what they do.

Never worry about replacing your kitchen cabinets again! The head wood contact paper is made of vinyl/PVC materials and can be applied to your existing wood or plywood boards. It has a self-adhesive backing and measures 17.7 x 78.7 inches. Bonus: It’s waterproof!

Although it is not the best wood for kitchen cabinets, it can be attached with plywood or other material surfaces to look like high-quality plywood. Woodgrain contact papers are fabulous!

They are a new and innovative way to decorate your kitchen cabinets. This contact paper is strong and waterproof, and it’s easy to apply. Unlike regular contact paper, this can cover regular wood or plywood boards. So, stop painting and start covering!

3. Anderson Plywood Baltic Birch Plywood

Back to the Baltic birch plywood types, Anderson Plywood has this one.

Anderson Plywood Baltic Birch Plywood

Highlighted Features

  • Premium B/BB grade Baltic birch plywood that offers enhanced durability
  • The layers are thick and easy to cut through
  • Perfect plywood for kitchen cabinets and DIY projects
  • It comes in a pack of 3 boards to offer convenience

Anderson Plywood is a relatively new brand in the industry. Seeing the beautiful possibilities of thick birch plywood, they wanted to bring this grade of birch to more people in the United States. Since then, they have offered the best kinds of plywood boards and sheets, simply perfect for many purposes.

Look no further than Anderson Baltic birch plywood for those who desire sturdy wood for woodworking. The layers of plywood are thick and durable, great for kitchen cabinets or production woodwork. This wood is the perfect size for you at 12 x 12 inches.

With thick layers of baltic birch plywood, these boards are ideal for production woodwork and cabinets in high-traffic areas, like kitchens. Durable and strong, this is the perfect choice for your kitchen cabinets.

If you want to get a 6 mm thick plywood board for building those cabinets, you have to give the Anderson Plywood Baltic birch a try for sure. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

4. Woodpeckers 6 mm Baltic Birch Plywood

It looks like we have another “peck” from Woodpeckers (pun intended), this time a 6 mm version of the previous one we reviewed.

Woodpeckers 6 mm Baltic Birch Plywood

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-coated birch plywood perfect for kitchen cabinets
  • Single-paneled face and back veneer makes it easy to use, cut, and install
  • This plywood is ¼ x 12 x 24 inches in size, which offers convenience
  • Thick veneer provides a very smooth surface

We have already spoken about the excellence of this incredible plywood brand. They produce the finest of the finest plywood available in the market. The 3 mm one was great, so you can tell this one would be as good as that one, if not better.

Woodpecker’s 6 mm thick plywood is made of B/BB grade Baltic birch. It has a multi-coated finish that is highly durable and perfect for kitchen cabinets. That means you don’t have to worry about the wood peeling or cracking. And its single-piece face and back veneer construction prevent fingerprints.

Hand-selected by their sourcing team, this top-of-the-line product is perfect for kitchen cabinets or other projects. The wood is made from BB Grade Baltic birch, which has exceptional durability and resistance to splitting. It features a single-piece face and back veneer, with both sides being multi-coated.

If you liked the 3 mm version of this same plywood board, we suggest you try this one out too. It’s just a thicker version of the last one.

5. Karida 2mm Basswood Plywood

Moving on, we have the Karida 2 mm basswood plywood.

Karida 2mm Basswood Plywood

Highlighted Features

  • Corrosion resistance ensures higher durability
  • It is available in natural unpainted wood color
  • Each package includes 10 pieces of this sheet
  • Waterproof features make it low maintenance

The brand Karida has been in the plywood and woodworking game for quite a while. While they are not as popular as Woodpeckers, they have quite a reputation for delivering high-grade plywood and wood grain sheets.

When it comes to reliability, this plywood is the one you need. Its 300x200x2 mm size and 2 mm thickness makes it perfect for cabinets, drawers, and other crafts. Moreover, this piece features corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong toughness, and difficult cracking.

Thus, if you are looking for something incredibly durable, you should consider this plywood.

Karida basswood is high-quality plywood with a density of 650kg/m3. It is a durable wood that is perfect for any furniture. Whether you’re looking for kitchen cabinets or any other type of furniture, Karida 2 mm has the ideal amount of thickness and durability to give you the best results.

These basswood plywood sheets are durable, easy to process, and strong. It’s perfect for kitchen cabinets and many other woodworking projects. While it comes unpainted, this is surely the best plywood for painted cabinets. And you can paint them to ensure higher longevity.

If you are worried that 2 mm would not be thick enough for your cabinets, we assure you it is just the perfect amount of thickness. Any thinner than this would be concerning. But this is okay. So, it is undoubtedly a green light from us for this product.

6. CAPITOL CITY LUMBER Marine Grade Plywood

Last but not least, we’ve got the CAPITOL CITY LUMBER Marine grade plywood.

CAPITOL CITY LUMBER Marine Grade Plywood

Highlighted Features

  • This plywood is marine-grade, making it pretty high quality
  • For convenience, it comes at a thickness of ¾ inches
  • A total area of 2 x 4 feet, which is pretty wide for each board
  • It offers a smooth surface for your furniture

When you’re building an outdoor kitchen, shop cabinets, or just about anything else, CAPITOL CITY is there for you. Marine-grade plywood is strong and smooth to the touch but not too expensive. This brand has been producing top-quality marine-grade plywood for generations.

CAPITOL CITY plywood is marine-grade plywood 3/4″ thick and 2′ wide and 4′ long. Additionally, it has a BB/CP grade and is clear and smooth but can have patches, minor blemishes, or occasional knots.

This wood is a marine-grade product to meet all of your plywood needs. Get a 2 x4 sheet at a low cost, perfect for kitchen cabinets.

Their BB/CP-rated plywood is clear and silky but can have patches, minor blemishes, or occasional knots. This product is durable and reliable, made from exterior glue with no empty space between ply pieces.

We would say this one is a pretty decent pick for the best plywood to build cabinets. In case you didn’t like the other ones that we reviewed, you would surely love this one.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Plywood for Cabinets

When purchasing a board of plywood for your kitchen cabinets, you definitely want to take a bunch of factors into consideration. Let us summarize the more important ones and show you what you need to pay attention to while buying plywood.

Grade of the Plywood

The most common type of plywood used to make kitchen cabinets is Baltic birch plywood. It is a composite of several layers of wood glued together. The material is very strong, and its high stability makes it suitable for all types of furniture manufacturing.

When you buy plywood with a higher density, you will get the most remarkable experience. Furthermore, make sure you are getting water-resistant wood. In this way, you will get an optimal experience.

Size of the Plywood

When choosing kitchen cabinets, you should select plywood of the same size as the opening you will use. This plywood will be needed to attach the sides of the cabinet to it. The thickness of the plywood depends on various factors. First, you have to consider how much weight the cabinet will hold.

Many people choose Baltic birch plywood for kitchen cabinets because it is strong, durable, and hardworking. However, you can choose from many types of plywood.

For example, you can choose plywood with different thicknesses. The standard is 4mm plywood; however, you can select even thicker ones.
Plywood comes in a variety of sizes. For example, there are small, medium, and large plywood sheets that can be fit together to form large plywood cabinets.

It is also possible to use a plywood pattern to create a custom plywood cabinet. Small plywood is often used for kitchen cabinets as it is the most common size.


The plywood you are buying must be well tested to be high quality. You can’t work with something that is not proven to be a standard grade.

Besides that, you can also do a durability test at home pretty easily. You can measure the 4 edges of the board and see any variations. That should give you an easy idea of whether the product’s finishing is good or not.

Uneven surfaces are also something you can test by measuring. And not to mention a durability test, but be careful with this one; in case if you break it, you’re actually wasting money.


We think this goes without saying that you NEED your plywood to be durable for your kitchen cabinet. Good quality plywood will last you up to 10 years and even longer if you take care of it.

How Many Different Types of Plywood Are Available?

There are about 8 different types of plywood out there.


Softwood is popular in constructing decks and outdoor furniture because it is a very strong and durable material. It is also often used to make interior furniture, such as tables and chairs.


Hardwood is an alternative to solid wood for cabinets. It is made of two types of wood, i.e., softwood and hardwood.

Softwood is easy to cut, but hardwood is more stable than softwood. Although hardwood is more expensive than softwood, it lasts longer and is harder to stain.

Lumber Core

Lumber core plywood is a type of plywood made from wood chips. It’s a lot cheaper than hardwood, but it’s also weaker and more vulnerable to warping and moisture.

Marine Plywood

When you hear marine plywood, you’d assume it is waterproof. But sadly, it’s not, and it isn’t even resistant to mold or mildew. A water-resistant glue top-coat is needed to be applied to make it so. These are typically used for outdoor furniture.

Exterior Plywood

This plywood is typically water-resistant and can hold each veneer in place together. You can say this is one of the sturdiest variants of plywood as it is meant for outdoor furniture and use.

Aircraft Plywood

Aircraft plywood, staying true to its name, is one of the lightest yet most high qualities and durable plywoods you can find. It is water-resistant and even heat resistant. This plywood is surprisingly flexible and offers unyielding strength for heavy-duty woodwork.

Structural Plywood

This is the kind of plywood that requires an ungodly amount of adhesive. It’s not the best-looking one. Instead, it gets used as frames for building large structures. It is also known as sheathing plywood.

Overlaid Plywood

Overlaid plywood can either be HDO or MDO (high density or medium density) or have the same structure as regular sheets attached to veneers. The outer is not necessarily for decoration purposes but offers a rigid surface that ensures durability.

Plywood vs. OSB

Plywood and OSB are both building materials, but they serve very different purposes. OSB is a structural building board made of wood fibers and glue.

It’s used as a substitute for brick and mortar in load-bearing applications, such as the walls of a building. It’s also used as a vapor barrier in building envelopes, such as the walls of a home.

Plywood is made from thin layers of wood veneer. It is suitable for light residential and commercial applications. Plywood can be painted, stained, and painted again if desired and installed over OSB or concrete.

We would certainly suggest going for Plywood over OSB when it comes to kitchen cabinets because it just makes more sense to use it. Plywood is ready to use, while OSB is something you need to cover with a plywood sheet or other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that you may have that we thought we should answer.

1. What makes good plywood?

A suitable thickness, high grade, and good size comprise high-quality plywood. When choosing one for your purpose, definitely pay attention to the grade of the plywood.

2. What kind of plywood is best for kitchen cabinets?

In our opinion, Baltic birch is the perfect choice for building kitchen cabinets. These are the best quality ones that offer durability while also looking great.

3. Is plywood real wood?

Not exactly, but some of them are. Grains and wood grains are used to produce plywood. These grains are pressed hard enough to eliminate any kind of air and produce sheets of plywood.

4. Can I build kitchen cabinets using wood grain sheets?

Yes, of course, you can build cabinets using plywood sheets. In fact, this whole article talks about the best ones, do give it a thorough read.

5. Why invest in good plywood for kitchen cabinets?

You should invest in high-quality plywood for your cabinets because you will not want to replace them every 6 months. It is normal for a standard plywood product to last at least a decade. So, spend your money wisely and don’t be too stingy.

Final Words

Which products do you think are the best plywood for kitchen cabinets? In our opinion, you can go with the Woodpecker 3 mm Baltic Birch Plywood. Moreover, the Head Wood Grain Contact Paper is also an excellent choice for your dream kitchen.

No matter which one you choose from our list, you will have an optimal experience that’s guaranteed.

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