Best Tasting Stevia for Coffee

The Best Tasting Stevia for Coffee | Top 10 Picks

Who doesn’t like to wake up feeling powered by a steaming mug of coffee? Although this sugary-caffeinated boost is incredible for groggy mornings, we highly recommend opting for stevia instead. Why risk getting diabetes in the long run, right?

Unlike usual granules of powdery-sweet sugar, stevia is a much better alternative in terms of calorie intake. Thanks to the boom in health-conscious folks, finding the best stevia for coffee isn’t hard work anymore.

But for your convenience, we’ve brought our top 10 picks from the market in one article.

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In The Raw Stevia

SweetLeaf Liquid Sweetener Sweet

Pyure Liquid Stevia Sweetener

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia

NOW Foods Better Stevia

Benefits of Using Stevia for Coffee

Extracted from the same-named plant, stevia is a pretty brand new alternative to calorie-packed sugar for coffee. Although commonly made from this caffeinated drink, you can use stevia for other beverages as well.

This plant-based alternative has a range of benefits up its sleeve. What are those, you ask? Look below!

Zero Carb

One of the biggest advantages of using stevia in your coffee is that it adds little to no carbs to the drink. For a beverage that is already booming with caffeine, you really don’t want anything else spiking your BP more.


Although being almost 300 times sweeter than sugar itself, stevia is anything but full of calories. In fact, it is essentially free from calories, so adding two-three drops will do no harm.

But does that compromise on the taste? Nope. You still get that delicious sugary taste in your coffee, minus the harm to your body.


Did you know that a side-effect of high-calorie intake is actually weight gain? Thanks to its minimal caloric content, stevia prevents weight gain, as you won’t necessarily be consuming a whole lot of calories.

This is essentially ideal for those with a diet, as you can enjoy the sweetness of stevia, but not fret about high calories.

Just to put that into perspective, know that one teaspoon of granulated sugar contains approximately 45 calories! That’s a really high number, especially when you compare it to how many calories one teaspoon of stevia contains (only 14kcal!).

Can Potentially Control Blood Pressure

Stevia extract is known to contain glycosides, which is a molecule known to increase urine output due to an increase in sodium. This, in turn, helps lower blood pressure, as the excess toxins in your body are being pushed out more often.

As a result, stevia shows cardiotonic actions, which are known to normalize and ease BP. Your heartbeat will be regulated too.

Manages Cholesterol Levels

Research has shown that stevia extract has a positive impact on those with high cholesterol levels as well. The extract also shows a dramatic decrease in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, is improved.

Our Top 10 Best Stevia for Coffee Reviews

Anyway, let us quit the chatting and get right into our product reviews. Buckle up for a calorie-free, sweet-as hell ride!

1. In The Raw Stevia 200

In The Raw Stevia

Coming in a pack of 200 sachets, this zero-calorie stevia sweetener is perfect for your morning mugs of caffeine. Each sachet weighs about a gram only.
The product is in loose-leaves form, so you get a calculated measurement of how much you need to add to your coffee. For conversions, two teaspoons of sugar equal to the sweetness of one sachet.

One of the best things about this sugar alternative for coffee is how it’s safe for vegans. It also comes Kosher certified, so yay for that! However, note that the filler in this is Dextrose, which is a tad bit sweeter than stevia.

You’d definitely like this stevia sweetener if consuming gluten-free items is your number one concern. Although ideally for coffee, you can even use this for cooking or for other beverages. We bet you’d like a sachet for your chilled lemonade too.

From baking cakes to cookies, this “In The Raw” sweetener is a perfect alternative. Although coming in crushed leaves-form, the content is not hard to mix with food or drinks at all. They seem to blend with smoothie bowls and milkshakes as well.

Highlighted Features

  • 200 sachets can last you for a month and a half easily
  • The product is certified to be safe for vegans and gluten-allergic consumers
  • You can use the sweetener for different cooking methods as well
  • The product blends easily with beverages and thick ingredients
  • Each sachet is of 1 gram only, leading to a really low caloric intake per package.

2. SweetLeaf Liquid Sweetener Sweet Drops

 SweetLeaf Liquid Sweetener

Unlike the previous sweetener, this one comes in liquid form. As a result, the Sweet Drops stevia is even easier to mix with your coffee.

You get a small glass bottle of 60ml with a dropper on the top. According to the ingredients, this product has a vanilla crème flavor. We think it can give your Iced Americano that syrupy taste!

In general, this product can last for 288 drops approximately. That seems to be about a month’s use of drinking coffee roughly twice a day.

Similar to the “In The Raw” sweetener, this one is also calorie-free. At the same time, it is also ideal for Keto-diet enthusiasts. Thanks to its easy blending, you can use it in smoothies for baking and oatmeal bowls as well.

For the best flavor results, the manufacture recommends adding only 1 drop of SweetLeaf per 2 ounces of liquid only. We also suggest you start low and build up the amount as you go. According to your taste buds, after all.

Highlighted Features

  • The small 60ml bottle is portable and comes with a handy dropper for easy usage
  • Ideal for Keto-diet meals, such as oatmeal and smoothie bowls
  • Go for this non bitter stevia if you want that extra vanilla essence to your coffee
  • Each drop is really sweet as the filler is only water mixed with organic stevia
  • Although coming in a tiny container, you can use it 288 times in a month.

3. Pyure Liquid Stevia Sweetener

Pyure Liquid Stevia Sweetener

Now we have this heavily packed liquid sweetener from Pyure. The brand has packed this baby up with organic stevia, including vanilla extract and organic alcohol as well.

If you don’t want the vanilla essence, we suggest you check out the “Simply Sweet” version. It will provide a more original, sugary taste instead. There is also a chocolate version available in some stores. However, all versions include zero calories, so they are healthy for your body.

Unlike the Sweet Drops stevia, the packaging of this is a bit whack. You just get a 53ml sized plastic bottle with a lid on top. Honestly, we think it looks a lot like a mini lotion container!

Other than the weird packaging (which is still pretty travel-friendly), there are no other issues with it. On top of that, the product is also certified by the USDA for daily usage.

From coffee, water to even smoothies – this stevia blends in well with anything you throw it in.

The sweetener is very sweet, yet it has a 0 glycemic index. At the same time, it is also free from gluten, which is an advantage on its own. You can also incorporate it into your Keto or Paleo diet.

Highlighted Features

  • The product is available in 3 different flavors, so you get a wide choice of sweetener
  • A travel-friendly container has a strong seal, so it can be taken anywhere
  • This sweetener is made from organic stevia and other healthy ingredients
  • 0 Glycemic index ensures zero calories, but the sweetness is not compromised

4. SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia Sweetener Clear

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia

We are back with yet another sweetener from SweetLeaf. But this one is clear, meaning that it does not have the vanilla essence in it.
The product comes in a larger, 120ml glass bottle with a similar dropper on the top. Since it has no other flavoring to it, you can have your coffee without experiencing any lingering aftertaste.

Due to the sweetener being larger, you actually get over 550 drops for two and a half months! If you asked us, we’d tell you it is very cost-efficient for a product of this size.

Deeming a product as the best liquid stevia for coffee is completely subjective, but this sweetener sure does come to close it. Alongside being ideal for Keto-diets, it is also free from gluten and fat.

You can use this for coffee, cooking, baking, and making smoothies too. It features organic stevia only, so you do not have to worry about fillers with high glycemic indexes.

Did we mention that you can find SweetLeaf in 16 other flavors as well? For your convenience, we’ll be checking out a bundle of 4 below in another review too.

Highlighted Features

  • A larger bottle with more content will last you for longer
  • Product is available in a range of other flavors, so you can incorporate each into different foods
  • The travel-friendly container is easy to carry around
  • This sweetener is free from gluten, so it won’t cause allergic reactions
  • You’ll find the clear taste of the stevia to blend well with your coffee.

5. NOW Foods Better Stevia Liquid Organic

NOW Foods Better Stevia Liquid Organic

Being packed with ingredients such as organic stevia, deionized water, while being free from gluten, this NOW Foods sweetener is the perfect alternative to sugar.

You get a moderately sized 59ml bottle with a tight lid on the top, and you extract up to 460 drops per serving. We suggest you pour 4 drops per cup for the best taste. Since it has no artificial flavoring to it, you can enjoy a simple sugary tang instead.

We love how this product comes with pure stevia in it, which means the glycemic index of it is also very low. The calorie content is virtually none, so you can use this in keto diets as well.

From cooking to baking and even putting it in smoothies, the sweetener is versatile and tastes great with all kinds of delicacies.

Coming to the bottle of it, you can carry it wherever you want as well. It is pretty small in size and has a tight lid sealing the liquid inside.

However, unlike the other sweeteners in this review, the NOW Foods one is not certified by the USDA or FDA. But that by no means makes it a dangerous substance to consume.

Highlighted Features

  • The travel-friendly container has a tight seal to it, therefore preventing drops from spilling
  • In caloric terms, each drop of stevia scores less than one teaspoon of sugar
  • Product oozes organic ingredients, which make it healthy for consumption
  • Low glycemic index ensures that the product is ideal for Keto-diets
  • Clear stevia flavoring does not leave an aftertaste.

6. Truvia Sweetener Packets

Truvia Sweetener Packets

We are back with another sachet-form stevia for coffee. If you want to invest in the healthiest stevia brand on the market, betting on Truvia won’t be a bad idea.

Available in 7 other packs of different package counts, this sweetener is one you must try out if you want your entire fam to opt for a zero-caloric alternative.

The product is made with pure stevia extract, so it has no artificial content inside.

The product also has pure Erythritol as its ingredient, which is commonly known as a basic sweetener. It is not harmful to the body either, since it is a natural and organic ingredient found in fruits as well.

On top of that, it is also free from harmful substances such as gluten and fat, so you can easily incorporate them into your daily diets. At the same time, it is also ideal for Ketogenic meals, as it adds no calories to your intake.

Each sachet is equal to about 2 teaspoons of sugar only, so you can incorporate more powder as you go. The taste is sweet as Dextrose, but minus the harm of calories. Sayonara diabetes!

Highlighted Features

  • Pure and organic ingredients in the sweetener make this stevia safe for consumption
  • Zero caloric intake, gluten, and fat-free manufacturing makes it ideal for Keto-diet
  • You get to choose your stevia from a variety of different package choices
  • Pure stevia leaves no aftertaste on the taste buds
  • Each sachet equals only 2 teaspoons of sugar, so the intake falls to only 32 calories (per sachet)

7. NOW Foods Stevia Original

NOW Foods Stevia Original

Although being another NOW Foods stevia, this is the original flavor version. We reviewed the organic alternative above. But are these two really all that different?

If we had to be honest, not really. However, the taste might change just a bit. But both options are packed with pure stevia extract, so you get the best deal only. If you want the best liquid stevia for coffee, opting for this might not be a bad idea at all.

For starters, it comes in a larger 237ml plastic bottle. Similar to its predecessor, even the lid on this model is tight and nicely sealed. However, the number of servings greatly differs. From this, 1800+ servings instead! That could last you for 3 months and more.

But all great things, this product also has a crucial downside to it. Unlike most of the stevia we reviewed in this article, this one, unfortunately, has a really whack opening in the lid.

As a result, pouring out only 2 drops per mug of coffee is almost impossible. The reason why this can be so dangerous is that stevia overdose can cause many issues to the body!

If you want to get this, first purchase a dropper instead. It might be a bit of a hassle, but you can receive the recommended dose only.

Highlighted Features

  • This product is free from gluten and fat, making it perfect for Ketogenic diets
  • Zero caloric intakes help reduce weight without compromising on sweetness
  • You get a lot of drops per serving from such a large bottle!
  • Original stevia taste doesn’t alter the flavor of your drink.

8. NatriSweet Stevia Liquid Sweetener


Nothing can beat the bottle design for this stevia sweetener! There, we said it. If you want one of the best stevia for coffee in terms of ingredients and product appearance, go for this one without a doubt.

Sporting a 237ml container with a narrow nozzle on the top, you can expect no drop to spill from this baby. In total, the product has servings of 1800 drops! This can last you for nearly 3+ months. The ideal amount to be used is stated as 2 drops only for a liquid of 2 ounces.

On top of that, the sweetener consists of only pure stevia extracts with no bitterness in the aftertaste. You can use it for your morning coffee, baking, making smoothies, and more. In fact, incorporate this in any sweet dessert you want!

Not only is the product sugar-free, but it is also doesn’t consist of fat, gluten, or any kinds of artificial chemicals for flavor. Ideal for vegans and non-vegans, anyone can use this stevia in their normal and Keto-diet.

We genuinely love the travel-friendliness of this as well, since it remains tightly sealed at all costs. Note that you can find the sweetener in a smaller pack as well. That one is of only 2 ounces.

Highlighted Features

  • A narrow nozzle means you get appropriate servings every time
  • Sweetener is made from 100% pure and organic, making it ideal for diabetics
  • Zero-calorie, gluten, and fat intakes help you lose pounds
  • The original and clear taste leaves no bitterness behind in your mouth.

9. SweetLeaf Flavored Stevia Bundle of 4

SweetLeaf Flavored Stevia

As we mentioned before, here is the SweetLeaf bundle with different flavored stevia sweeteners in one.

In this package, you will get flavors of chocolate, vanilla crème, caramel, and coconut. You can find the same item in other-sized bundles as well, such as 2, 3, or even 10!

Like every SweetLeaf product, this one is also made from organic and pure stevia extracts only. It also has water and citric acid to some extent in the making.

On top of that, the sweeteners are free from gluten, fat and have zero caloric intake. It is ideal for ketogenic and paleo diets as well. Starting from baking to making smoothies, you can use stevia in everything you want.

The only downside might be its limited serving amount. You only get approximately 50 drops per bottle. However, that should not be too big of a problem since you get a bundle of 4 sugar replacements for coffee anyway.

We also found that the liquids tend to leave quite a strong aftertaste. But it tends to reduce in intensity as you incorporate it into your food for more than a week straight.

Highlighted Features

  • Although having minimal drops per bottle, you get 4 different flavored bottles in one package
  • Made from organic and pure extracts, the product is ideal for keto and paleo diets
  • Alongside coffee, you can use the sweetener for making a range of other items too
  • Strong aftertaste tends to go away after 1-2 weeks of constant consumption

10. Vie Naturelle Stevia Sweetener Powder

Vie Naturelle Stevia Sweetener Powder

Lastly, we have this powder-form sweetener from Vie Naturelle. The product comes in a large 1.5-ounce package, which houses over 1500 servings! You can find it in two other sizes as well (3 and 4.5 ounces).

If you had to take our word for it, know that pure stevia brands such as this one are not to be doubted!

Right from the get-go, we can see that the stevia is basically really fine in texture. This means it can easily dissolve in your coffee and any other liquid items. You can even cook or bake with it if you want.

The zero-caloric intake and glycemic index make this an ideal product for diabetic patients. It also has high levels of anti-oxidant, which allows it to keep your BP in balance.

For usage, a pinch of this powder converts to 1teaspoon of granulated sugar only! So, the key is to increase in little increments. Make sure to not overdose yourself with the stevia though.

Although sweeteners for coffee usually have artificial flavoring, this one comes with no chemicals or fillers mixed. Adding it to your ketogenic or paleo diet will also be of no issue.

Highlighted Features

  • A large package means you get a lot of servings, for over 3 months
  • Just a pinch of the stevia is as sweet as 1 teaspoon of sugar, meaning a little goes a long way
  • Packed with rich anti-oxidants and organic ingredients makes the product safe for consumption
  • Other than coffee, you can use it in other food items as well

Here’s a little summary of our top Tasting Stevia for Coffee

ProductGluten/Fat-Free200+ Servings Per ContainerKeto CompatibilityErgonomic Packaging
In The Raw Stevia 200Yes Yes No Yes
SweetLeaf Liquid Sweetener Sweet DropsNo Yes Yes Yes
Pyure Liquid Stevia Sweetener Yes No Yes Yes
SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia Sweetener Clear Yes Yes Yes Yes
NOW Foods Better Stevia Liquid Organic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Truvia Sweetener Packets Yes Yes Yes Yes
NOW Foods Stevia Original Yes Yes NoNo
NatriSweet Stevia Liquid Sweetener Yes Yes Yes Yes
SweetLeaf Flavored Stevia Bundle of 4 Yes No Yes Yes
Vie Naturelle Stevia Sweetener Powder Yes Yes Yes Yes

Things to Consider Before Buying Stevia for Coffee

Purchasing Stevia can be quite tricky since they come in many different forms. On top of that, the various types of fillers and ingredients might make it harder to go for one specific brand.

So, how do you find the best stevia for coffee without going crazy? It’s easy- just read this buying guide!

We have pinned down the most important things you need to consider before you invest in Stevia sweeteners.


Before you start dumping a whole lot of sweeteners into your coffee, make sure you are using the right dosage only. For this, many brands come with clever packaging that allows the perfect serving to be used at a time.

For example, while some brands encourage using 4 drops per 2 ounces of liquid, others might recommend sticking to only 2 drops.
In the end, it depends on the brand you are going for, so make sure to check out the instructions every time.

Liquid or Powder?

We would recommend you go for the liquid version instead of powder. This is simply because it feels much easier to use and blend with your coffee. However, the powder form might be more suited for other uses, such as baking or making milkshakes.


Unfortunately, almost every Stevia sweetener will come with fillers in it. As a result, finding one that is 100% pure is next to impossible, or is it?

Well, unless you consider the NatriSweet Stevia Liquid Sweetener, the rest are more or less packed with fillers.

What fillers do is that increase the glycemic index of the sweetener. This is because such a component is in the end, a carbohydrate. As a result, it might not be high in calories, but it can cause side effects to diabetic consumers.

Standard Certification

Contrary to popular belief, stevia is actually not certified or even approved by the FDA. Instead, it has received approval for consumption by the GRAS. As a result, you can use it as a substitute for sugar but not as an additive for no apparent reason.

However, as long as you stick to the recommended dosage and servings, we doubt you can get in trouble. We suggest you always check the instructions stated by the brand you are using for consumption.

Top 3 Stevia for Coffee Brands

To help narrow down your list, we thought of including a list of our top 3 picks from this article.

NatriSweet Stevia Liquid Sweetener

After much consideration, we chose the NatriSweet sweetener as the best one. This is simply because of how well-rounded the features of the product are.
You get a pretty functional bottle with a tight nozzle, enough servings to last you for over 3 months, and pure stevia extracts only! How can you beat that?

Vie Naturelle Stevia Sweetener Powder

Following right after came the Vie Naturelle powder. Alongside its easy usage and amazing serving amount, we really liked how it came with zero fillers.
On top of that, you can find it in 2 other packages as well, so there’s variety for consumers as well.

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Stevia Sweetener Clear

The last contender is the SweetLeaf Stevia in 120ml. This one beat its predecessor by huge numbers (literally!).
Alongside its organic ingredients and clear-sweet taste, the product also turned out to be approved by the USDA. You get benefits and quality flavor with no aftertaste in one bottle!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the side effects caused by stevia’s overdose?

You can experience dizziness, numbness, excessive muscle pain, and even nausea to some extent. Some people tend to experience bloating as well.

2. Can I consume stevia in coffee every day?

Absolutely. However, you have to maintain a strict dosage for daily usage. Different brands will recommend their own serving amount, so stick with that only. If you want a general idea, though, go for only 1 drop/a pinch of stevia for your drink.

3. Why do I have a spike in my diabetes since consuming stevia?

This could be due to two reasons. One, you are overdosing yourself with the content. Two, the product has fillers that amount to a high glycemic index.

4. Is stevia safe for Keto and Paleo Diets?

As we stated throughout the article, yes, it is safe for such diets. But you still have to maintain the amount of it in your food. Use only a drop or two for starters, and add in increments if you want to.

5. Can stevia affect the brain?

Yes, it can – but positively. In fact, consuming stevia instead of sugar can influence your mood to be happier and chirpier. This is mainly due to how stevia does not contain calories, which is known to increase weight, cause high BP and diabetes.

Final Words

The best stevia for coffee will be one that combines bitter-less taste with a low glycemic index and minimal caloric intake. Our top picks (especially our top 3) tick off more or less all requirements.

Worried it might not suit your body? Just incorporate it little by little in your diet, and see if you react positively to it or not. Note down the side effects we mentioned as well as the result of the dosage.

In the end, just work your way up in small increments, and you’ll be good to go!

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