How to Cook the Perfect Steak on the Grill? [Step by Step]

Burning the steak while cooking it on the grill is a pretty common scenario. Sometimes, you won’t find it chewy either. You can make things worse if it doesn’t get evenly heated. OMG! That’s a lot of things to maintain, eh?

Well, you can make some mainstream steak if you want. Or you can just get the perfect steak. And that’s what we’re focusing on. We’ll let you know how to cook the perfect steak on the grill, and that too, in the easiest ways possible.

Cooking Steak on a Grill: Step by Step

Cooking Steak on a Grill

Let’s take it slow and easy. Explaining it to you step by step will not only make it easier for you to understand what to do next but will also ease it up for you to keep it memorized. So, here comes step one;

Step One: Taking out the Steak

Taking out the Steak

If you’ve got that steak in the fridge, get it out of there and leave it on the table to match it to room temperature. Keep it that way for around 30 minutes. Check out if there’s any excess fat or not. If there is, trim it off as it can cause flare-ups.

But don’t throw it away right after vertically slashing the thin, fat piece around outside of that steak of yours, as you don’t want it to get curled.

Now put some salt on it and rub it generously on every side of the steak. Then apply freshly ground pepper and apply the same method as you did with the salt.

Step Two: Firing up Your Grill

Firing up Your Grill

There’s a ton of variety in grills like charcoal, gas, or pallet fueled. We don’t know which one you’ve got; light it up.

Step Three: Prepare Your Zones

When you’ve got thick steak, you need to create a two-zone fire, where one will have a medium-high heat and another side will be comparably cooler. Don’t forget to keep all the vents open. Right after that, oil the grates.

Step Four: Placing the Steak on the Grill

Placing the Steak on the Grill

It’s time to let the grill have it. Then get ready to enter the prime phase of the process – cooking. Make sure you’re placing it right above the coal. Then sear it for the next two to three minutes. Once you’re done on one side, do the same to the other. Don’t forget to close the lid as you don’t want any flare-ups.

Step Five: Moving to the Cooler Side

Moving to the Cooler Side

Check out if the steak has been properly seared or not. If it has, then move it to the cooler side. Now close the lid again and keep it that way till it’s done.

Step Six: Checking out the Doneness

Checking out the Doneness

The best way to do that is by checking the internal temperature with a digital meat thermometer. There can be different stages of doneness. For rare, the ideal temperature is 120°, where you’ll see a red, shiny appearance, and it’ll be very soft to touch.

But for medium-rare, the ideal temperature is 130°, where it’ll look kind of deep pink to red. It’ll feel soft too, but with a bit of resistance. On the other hand, when it’s the medium, the temperature has to be 135°, where you’ll notice the middle is light pink and won’t be entirely soft or firm, something in the middle.

Now comes the question, how to understand medium-well and well. These two levels of doneness come with 140° and 150° temperatures. For medium-well, the color will be light pink with graying edges, where well will be no pink with total firmness.

By the way, how long it’ll take to be done depends on how thick your steak is too. So, don’t panic if it’s not done in an exact time frame.

Step Seven: Removing the Steak

Removing the Steak

Now it’s time to take the steak out of the grill and put it on a cutting board. Don’t just jump on it with the knife yet. Before you do that, cover it with an aluminum foil loosely and leave it that way for the next five minutes.

Leaving the steak this way is important, as the meat can reabsorb some of the juices. After that, you can slice it and have your first bite.

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Tips to Make the Steak a Better One

Make the Steak

If this is your first time cooking steaks, you need some good tips to hit the ceiling of perfection with the first shot. Don’t worry; we’ve got enough of them for you. And if you’re an experienced cook, then it’ll be easier than ever for you to relate and implement.

Tip 1: Always Pick the Right Piece

No, we are not talking about the size, but how the steak is with its characteristics. If you really want the finest steak, make sure that it looks plump and has a bright red color. And the more marbling it’ll have, the more ideal it’ll be as steak.

By the way, the age of the meat matters equally as well. Usually, what you’ll get in the shops mostly comes with the age of 14 days. But the truth is, it has to be 23-28 days if you want it to be good like the one you eat in the restaurants.

Tip 2: Cooking Right after Getting out of the Fridge Is a Bad Idea

We’ve already told you in the process to get the steak out at least 30 minutes before cooking. But what matters the most is taking it to the level of your room’s temperature.

Putting it on the grill directly will make it take a longer time to get cooked. Moreover, the salt and pepper won’t stick to the surface properly this way.

Tip 3: Drying up the Meat

Well, cook it when you can call it super dry. Not drying up the meat won’t let you have the best crust for sure.

Tip 4: Avoid Flipping the Steak Twice

If you don’t want to mess with the cooking, stop considering double flipping as an option. As there is a certain process of cooking, you don’t need to break the rules there. Moreover, it might make you confused about understanding the doneness of the meat.

Tip 5: Don’t Cook Individual Steak When a Party Is Going on

If you’re the only one who got the craving for a juicy steak, then it’s a different thing. You don’t need to make a ton of them as one is enough. But when you’ve got more people to serve, it’s better to do more than one at once, as cooking them individually will take a ton of time.

Final Words

Don’t you feel jealous of those people you see on TV flaming up a piece of meat or the chef in the restaurant who has just made you a perfect steak?

Well, we won’t be surprised if you do and what can get you out of that jealousy is learning how to cook the perfect steak on the grill. So, are you ready to make yours? We guess you are now, after knowing how to pull that off.

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