What Is the Travis Scott Burger? How to Make Travis Scott Burger

What Is the Travis Scott Burger? How to Make Travis Scott Burger: Easy Methods

There is hardly a person who doesn’t love a mouthwatering burger! That juicy patty trapped between two round sesame buns is to die for! And when your favorite food collaborates with a celebrity, what else do we need?

So, when rapper Travis Scott teamed up with McDonald’s to create a limited-edition burger, it instantly went viral. Fans were ordering their favorite meal and uploading videos or photos on social media as they had the same burger as their idol.

Don’t know what is the Travis Scott burger? You’re about to find out. We’ll also tell you how to make Travis Scott burger? Let’s Find out!

What Is a Travis Scott Burger?

What Is a Travis Scott Burge

Well, it was one of the most incredible sensations of the late 2020s. The famous rapper assembled a burger package with all of his favorite toppings and side orders, so the fans went crazy to get a bite of that!
This package included a quarter-pounder burger and a side order of fries, dipped in BBQ sauce and a large sprite. Well, this is how Travis likes it!

Ingredients And Substitutes: What Comes with the Burger?

This special burger is made with quarter-pound fresh beef, sesame buns, lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard ketchup, and two slices of melted cheese. And if you order the whole pack, you will get a large sprite, fries, and Travis’s favorite BBQ dip.

Here is detailed information on every ingredient included in this particular burger.

Ground Beef

Ground Beef

The patty is 80/20 chuck ground beef, meaning it contains 80% lean and 20% fat. Hence, the meat in your burger will be perfectly juicy without being too fatty.



To maintain the deliciousness of the meat, it’s simply seasoned with salt and pepper. So you can taste the originality of the patty, but it won’t be bland, thanks to the generous seasoning.

Burger Buns

Burger Buns

The luscious patty is trapped between two classic sesame buns that improve the texture. However, the customer could choose any other buns if they wanted. But Travis prefers these ones, so fans didn’t want to take any chances!
Moreover, chunks of room-temperature butter are spread to the buns’ toasty cut-side to enhance the flavor.

Cheese Slices

Cheese Slices

Like the traditional American cheeseburgers, this Travis Scott special comes with two slices of melted cheddar cheese. You could also add your favorite type of cheese if you don’t like the taste of cheddar.



Everything tastes better with beef bacon, doesn’t it? So, to make this burger extra tasty, it comes with slices of bacon that take it to a whole new level.

Ketchup And Mustard

Ketchup And Mustard

It is also topped with some ketchup and mustard, which are the classic ingredient for any burger you get.


Travis always gets onion, pickles, and lettuce on his burger. These add-ons make the meal more delicious than ever.

Optional Servings

If you want to get the whole “Travis” experience, you should get a serving of fries dipped in BBQ sauce and a large sprite.

How to Prepare the Travis Scott Burger – Do It Yourself

Yes, you can make the Travis Scott burger all by yourself if you’ve missed the deal or want to enjoy it again. Let’s give you step-by-step instructions on how to make Travis Scott burger so you can re-create it without any hassle.

Step One – Arrange the Toppings

Slice your onions and rinse your lettuce properly. Then cook some crispy Bacon using the skillet.

Step Two – Prepare the Buns

Slice the sesame bun and toast them on a skillet until they are nice and toasty. Now spread a generous amount of softened butter on the toasty side to make it extra delicious.

Step Three – Season the Meat

Divide the meat into four equal portions and form patties. Every patty should be about ½ inches thick. After that, take the patties and season them well with an adequate amount of salt and pepper. Now make a dimple using your thumb in the middle.

Step Four – Cook Your Beef

Now you have to cook each side of the patty for 4 minutes each. You can use a kitchen thermometer for proper cooking, and when the temperature reaches 160-degree Fahrenheit, your work is done. When the patty is almost cooked, add the cheese slice and let them melt.

Final Step – Assemble the Burger

Now place the bottom bun on a plate, then place a cheese slice on that. Add the cheesy patty, bacon, onion slices, pickles, and lettuce.

When you are assembling the toppings, take the top bun and apply ketchup and mustard sauce. And there you have your Travis Scott burger!

Final Words

Now you know what is the Travis Scott burger? Awesome. Since we’ve told you how to make Travis Scott burger, we hope you can make one. If you are making this burger at home, we would recommend using premium-grade 80/20 chuck beef.

In this way, your burger will be perfectly juicy so that you can savor every bite of it.

Always prepare the toppings before cooking the meat; hence you can assemble the burger as soon as the patty is done. But you need to remember Travis Scott burger isn’t diet-friendly, so be prepared to consume about 630 calories!

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